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Corrected entry: In the arc of Gump's life, it would have been impossible for the media to be continuously unaware of who he is, yet they are. No All-American football player at Alabama would ever become anonymous in that State, nor would it have escaped media attention that the same guy who was a grid iron hero, a medal of honor winner who spoke at an anti-war rally with Abbie Hoffman, and then a multi millionaire philanthropist. Yet when Gump begins his back and forth run across America, the media coverage of him all centers on his relative obscurity. (01:50:25)

Correction: It would be possible for Gump to remain relatively obscure. Most Americans don't even know their own congressman, senator, governor etc., and those people are in the news everyday. There are many actors and singers that many people wouldn't know if they saw them walking down the street. Not to mention Gump's brushes with fame were years apart.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Forrest jumps of the shrimp boat to greet Lt. Dan there is a diver making it look like Forrest is making big splashes with his feet. This can be clearly seen in the last few seconds where Tom Hanks' feet can't possibly bend to make the water splash like it does.

Correction: This is simply Forrest's rather unorthodox way of swimming. All the splashing is made by his feet.


Corrected entry: When Forrest and Bubba meet Lieutenant Dan for the first time, he has a roll of toilet paper in his hand. During the scene, he walks them toward a soldier whom he begins to yell at. As he is yelling at the soldier, his hands appear with no toilet paper, then a roll in the right hand, then no roll again. As he approaches the "bathroom", Lieutenant Dan picks up a roll from the side of the door.

Correction: Lt. Dan is holding the roll with his fingertips all the time. Sometimes you can't see it because it's below the frame while a part of the hand is still visible. And he certainly doesn't pick up any roll in the booth.


Corrected entry: When Forrest's mother tries to get him into school, the principal shows her some kind of national standards chart, pointing with a pencil to the 'below average' zone where Forrest is with an IQ of 75. In the next shot, his pencil is in the 'normal' zone of the chart, not the 'below average' zone.

Correction: Here the principal is explaining to her the requirement for a normal school.


Corrected entry: When Bubba and Forrest are in the helicopter on their way to Vietnam, their is another guy sitting with them (it says 'Duke' on his helmet) to their right. However, when the chopper lands and they get out, the guy exits on the opposite side of the helicopter. Seeing as how he would have had to get through the tiny space between Bubba, Forrest and the front seat of the chopper, shouldn't he have just gone out the side he was sitting on?

Correction: It's a different guy who wasn't shown in the shots inside the helicopter. Shortly before the landing one can see Duke AND this guy sitting at both doors.


Corrected entry: When Forrest is sleeping in the hospital, right before lieutenant Dan pulls him off the bed, you see a ping pong paddle and ball on his bed with a hand on the handle. But it is not his hand. First of all, there's no way he could get the right hand in that position, secondly, when he is pulled off the bed, the hand stays there. Why would someone else be holding a ping pong paddle on his bed?

Correction: It's Forrest's hand, only the wide angle makes it look a little strange, and it also moves when he gets pulled off the bed.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jenny asks Forrest if he thinks she could fly off the bridge, a car is coming towards them - in the next shot it's gone.

Correction: It's gone because it takes a right turn before it enters the bridge.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lt. Dan is confronting Forrest outside the Dick Cavet show Lt. Dan Loses control of his wheelchair. As it spins out of control and flies by the camera you can clearly see Gary's Legs.

Correction: We only see his rather long stumps.


Corrected entry: Jenny inexplicably joins the Black Panthers for a short time. Forrest meets up with her at a Black panther outpost. In reality, the Black Panthers were totally a Black Separatist organization (as directly implied by the Black Panther leader explaining the club's purpose to Forrest), and never recruited whites to join them - ever.

Correction: It's never suggested she has actually joined, just that she knows some people in it.

David Mercier

They actually were willing to work with white people who shared their beliefs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Wright is supposed to be playing the guitar and singing nude in the club, you can see the nude-coloured thong she is wearing when they show her from the back.

Correction: The thong is so noticeable that it is apparent that it's presence is a deliberate one. Two explanations within the storyline: One, it's a topless bar not a totally-nude bar and she chose to wear a thong that was flesh/skin colored. Or two, it is a totally-nude bar and perhaps she planned to strip after the song, and didn't get a chance to get that far, due to the unruly crowd and Forrest's interruption.

Corrected entry: When Forrest and Bubba are cleaning the floor with toothbrushes, in the background you can see somebody sneak to the side, possibly a crew member.

Correction: Or more likely, another member of Forrest and Bubba's basic training platoon.

Corrected entry: In the scene when it is New Year's Eve, it is midnight in New York where Forrest and Lt Dan are. However Jenny is in San Francisco which is three hours behind New York, but it is still midnight.

Correction: The point of those scenes is to contrast how Forrest and Jenny spent their New Years. Not really a mistake, rather a filmmakers way of showing two different lives at the same time. Also, in the Midwest, Mountain and Pacific time zones, they often show NYC's New Years ahead of their own and then go to local coverage for the "actual midnight." And the film doesn't assert both of those events are happening simultaneously, anyway.

Corrected entry: When Forrest was running from the truck, the truck came about a foot behind him in one scene. In the next scene, he's ahead of the truck quite a bit.

Correction: This is to show how fast he can be.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jenny brings Forrest in from the rain into her dorm room, she grabs a blanket off of the bed by the one that Forrest is sitting on. When Jenny sits down there, her roommate is on the bed that was empty before.

Correction: Jenny takes a bathrobe from the bed, not a blanket. It's entirely possible that the bathrobe was lying on the foot of the bed whilst the room mate was sleeping in it.

Corrected entry: When you see the old footage of the KKK, to the left you see the tracks of the camera dolly. Verified in the DVD.

Correction: The film crew used an old shot of the KKK, and added in Tom Hanks so that it looks like he and the KKK are together in the shot. The tracks are from the old shot, which is also explained in the DVD.

Corrected entry: When Forrest is running across America and decides to stop in the desert, he is heading East (as is obvious by his shadow). He says "I think I'll go home now", turns around, and walks West...away from home.

Correction: I've been at that specific location (I even took a picture last year acting like Forrest on that scene and I double-check with the movie, just to prove myself I'm right). It is in Monument Valley, right on the border of Arizona and Utah. Forrest is heading north-east to Utah from Monument Valley . Even though he is living in Alabama (East) and the road back that he takes is heading south-west, it is probably more practical for him to go back to Flagstaff (for the closest highway) or Phoenix (for a plane). Because I drove that road, I can confirm that Forrest does the right thing if he wants to go back quickly.

Corrected entry: When Forrest begins his run across the country it is early in the morning or afternoon in Alabama. It's very bright out, and his shadow is indicative of a time close to noon. When he stops running he says 'I had run for three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours'. He stops running in the Midwest. Even with the time zone and generous allowance for estimating his departure, it would be dark in the Mid-West, sixteen hours later. But it's light out.

Correction: Forest mentioned that he had stopped a few times during his trek by saying"... when I was sleepy, I slept...etc." So he may had been referring to his actual running time minus his resting/eating sessions that would've caused the time delay.

Corrected entry: When we see the TV with Neil Armstrong on the moon, the video and the audio are out of sync. In the film, we see Neil jumping off the ladder, and then he says 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. However, he has only landed on the footplate of the lunar module. There is about another minute or so of audio before he actually steps on the surface of the moon.

Correction: This may be a factual error, but it's on the part of Neil Armstrong, not the movie. As I remember it, he did say it as he jumped off the ladder.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: In the final scene where Forrest Junior is waiting for the schoolbus, he tells Forrest that he is taking the Curious George book to school for show-and-tell because "Grandma used to read it to me." In the storyline, Forrest's mother (Forest Junior's paternal Grandmother) is dead before Forrest learns he has a son. It wouldn't have been his maternal grandmother because Forrest had the book at the bus stop he narrates the movie from, and Jenny's mom died when she was a child.

Correction: Young Forrest is waiting at the bus stop and says he is taking the Curious George book to school because "Grand-mom used to read it to YOU", referring to his father. He never said that his grandmother use to read it to him.

Corrected entry: In the the scene where he receives his discharge orders (and when he subsequently returns home) the ribbons on his uniform do not include the one for the Medal of Honor. Just because he gave his actual medal to Jenny, he'd still be entitled to wear the ribbon, as far as the Army's concerned.

Correction: In Forrest's mind, he gave Jenny the medal because he earned it by doing what she told him to do, and probably then chose not to wear the ribbon. Think about it, he loves Jenny so much that he forfeits all the perks associated with wearing the ribbon, because in his mind Jenny is the person entitled to the medal.

Factual error: During the 1972 New Year's Eve celebration, Forrest drinks a Dr. Pepper with a logo that wasn't devised until around the mid 80s.

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Forrest Gump: Bit me directly in the but-tocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but the Army must keep that money, 'cause I still ain't seen a nickel of that million dollars.

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Trivia: Disabled U.S. veterans would tell Gary Sinise that they were inspired by his portrayal of Lt. Dan in this film. Feeling humbled because he himself was neither a veteran or disabled, he established the Gary Sinise Foundation in order to help disabled veterans adjust to their new lives.

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