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Corrected entry: After Forrest stops running and says that he'll go home to Alabama, he turns and walks west. Alabama is east of Monument Valley. (01:53:00)

Correction: Aside from Forrest not being very intelligent, he may be heading back towards Monument Valley so he can stop at the visitor center and arrange for transportation (such as calling for a taxi to take him to the St. George Municipal Airport), as he stated himself that he was tired and undoubtedly had no intention of walking or running all the way back to Alabama.

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Corrected entry: There is a scene where Forrest is in his dress uniform. The Medal of Honor ribbon (light blue with a field of white stars) is missing from the top row of ribbons.

Correction: He just received the Medal of Honor that day. You would have to buy another ribbon rack and the ribbon to change it and I don't know anyone that would do that on the same day.

Correction: Untrue he would have added it to the inside of his top row nearest his heart as it is higher than his purple heart. He would have received it the day he received his Presidential ceremony award.

Corrected entry: Bubba specifically says he was drafted into the Army, but his gravestone says he was born on March 2, 1943. The first draft for service to the Vietnam conflict was limited to men born between 1944 and 1950. Subsequent drafts were for men born in 1951 - 1953. Bubba was born a year too early to have been included in the first draft.

Correction: Not true, men born between 1944 and 1950 were the first to be included in the Vietnam draft lottery first introduced in 1969. Many single, unmarried men who were not students born before 1944 were drafted prior to 1969.

Corrected entry: Forrest begins his run across America the day President Carter collapses in Maryland. This is October 1, 1979. When he stops running, he says: 'I had run for three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours.' Some time later, he gets Jenny's letter - the day President Reagan is attacked. This is March 30, 1981. So, he only ran for one and a half years. (01:48:15 - 01:54:05)

Correction: Forrest actually started running on July 5th 1976. Jenny and he were watching a bicentennial fireworks display the night before he started running. The news piece on Carter's collapse is the real error.

Corrected entry: In the hospital, Lt. Dan would not have been in the same ward as Forrest. Forrest is an enlisted man and Lt. Dan is an officer.

Correction: I have worked in both military and VA facilities, foreign based hospitals and deployed forward - there is no separation of officers and enlisted on wards. It's quite entertaining to see recovering Vietnam, Korea, OIF and OEF vets sitting at a card table with their IV pumps - there is no rank found on a hospital gown.

Corrected entry: If Forrest Gump's entire story is true and he became the big celebrity he claimed then why do none of the people listening to his story recognize him? I can understand the nurse not knowing who he is but the other three people were all old enough to know who they are talking to. Also keep in mind this is Alabama, if he really was a star player under Bear Bryant he would have been recognized much sooner.

Correction: This is the whole point of the film; that Forrest has played a major part in so many key events in 20th Century America without his involvement being recognised. It's not a plot hole or even a mistake, it's part of the film's story & humour. Also, although Forrest and Jenny are originally from Alabama, the scene on the bench takes place in Georgia.

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole movie they call Gump Private Gump when it is shown on his military uniform (when speaking at the hippie rally by the Washington monument) a listing of a E-5 - a sergeant. Also he went to college before the army, which means he would have been an officer, not a noncommissioned officer.

Correction: The last time some one called him Private Gump was the when he got the letter in Vietnam for the Medal of Honor. The next time someone said his rank and name was when he got his discharge papers, and he said SGT. Gump. So I see no mistake. And if you join the military after college doesn't mean your going to be automatically an officer unless you were in ROTC while in college, or you went to a Military Academy. You can be recommended for OCS (officers candidate school) if you have a college degree. Like his drill Sarge in boot camp recommended "if it was not such a waste of a fine enlisted man". So even with a college degree, if you enlist you start from the bottom.

Not true entirely. If you have a degree you start out enlisted as an E-4 SPC.

Corrected entry: When Forrest sits down at his dying mother's bed, the pillow behind her back moves up significantly between shots. (01:36:15)


Correction: The pillow does not move - there two different pillows but the angle of the shot is different.

Corrected entry: When Jenny introduces Forrest to the guy from Columbia SDS during the anti-war rally, she also introduces Forrest to a Black Panther. In real life (only a grad student would actually know this) Columbia University SDS was dominated by the Maoist Progressive Labor Party, and for ideological reasons, the Black Panthers and Progressive Labor despised each other. It is very unlikely that they would be hanging out together, as they are in the film. (01:05:15)

Correction: Jenny's friend is not from Columbia SDS, but from what Jenny calls the "Berkeley chapter of SDS," implying that he is from U. Cal-Berkeley. This is confirmed later when the bus carrying Jenny and her friend departs and we see the banner on the back that reads "Berkeley to D.C."

Corrected entry: When Forrest is reading the letter from Apple Computer, the date at the top of the letter says September 1975, but Apple's stock never went public until December of 1980. (01:37:55)

Correction: Forrest Gump would have been a principle investor in Apple with private shares. To make the investment, he would not have to buy publicly traded shares. He would have essentially been a venture capitalist.

Corrected entry: After Forrest interrupted Jenny's nude performance in the theatre, as they are walking away, the 1994 Ini Kamoze hit, "Here Comes the Hotstepper," is playing in the background despite the fact this scene is set before the Vietnam War.

Correction: That song is Wilson Pickett: Land Of 1000 Dances, not Ini Kamoze. Ini Kamoze did use some of the Nah Nah Nah's in his song. The Pickett song is featured on the Forrest Gump Soundtrack.

Corrected entry: When Forrest is running the football field and passing all the players, he passes everyone except the referee, who can be seen moving down the sidelines at a faster pace than Forrest. (00:21:05)

Correction: How is this a mistake? So, the referee is moving faster..... because he is supposed to keep ahead of the players to be in a position to make the call. No mistake here.


Correction: The ref isn't as tired as Forrest, he hasn't been running around as much.


Corrected entry: At the peace rally, Forrest is referred to as "Private Gump". However, the insignia on his shoulder indicates that he is, in fact, a sergeant.


Correction: If you were to ask any random person to correctly identify the insignia on a person, a vast majority would get it wrong. This person probably had no idea about his ranking. Character mistake at best.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Forrest gets his discharge papers, the sargeant calls him PFC, that is private first class. However, if he had served one tour in Vietnam, he would have been automatically promoted to SP4, that is one rank above PFC. When he is in uniform at the rally in Washington, he is wearing three stripes on his shoulder - that is sargeant, a rank he could not have earned after being discharged.

Correction: Being Awarded the Medal of Honor bestows the Grade of E-5 upon the recipient, in additional to other entitlements (pay/benefits). The rank is bestowed and is not revocable except by act of Congress. This action is not dependent upon still being on active duty.

Corrected entry: When Young Forrest and Mrs. Gump walks by the Appliance Store and sees Elvis Presley perform "Hound Dog," that performance originally aired on June 5, 1956 on the Milton Berle Show while Forrest had yet started Elementary School, but when Governor George Wallace gives his infamous "Stand at the Schoolhouse Door" speech, the date that event occurred was June 11, 1963. So, there's no way that Forrest Started Kindergarten in 1956 and be in College already by 1963, especially with a below average IQ.Now, if I go off of the Jenny's date of birth off of her grave which was sometime in 1942 or '43 (I don't have the exact date), we can assume that Forrest would be the correct age when in college in 1963; that would mean also that Elvis Presley performed "Hound Dog" earlier than 1956 (more like 1949 or 1950, while Elvis would've been still relatively unknown at that point in history.).


Correction: It is a major plot point that Forest is slower than alot of people so begining school around 13 or 14 makes sense. it is also never stated that he was in kindergarden for his first day of school.

Corrected entry: While Forrest is in the hospital after being wounded in the firefight that killed Bubba, the lunar landing of 1969 is shown on a tv in the background. Later, when Forrest visits Bubba's grave, Bubba's date of death is shown on the headstone as 1967.

Correction: The part with the moon landing, happened when he was playing for the Special Services, some time after being wounded, not immediately after he was wounded. Thus, its reasonable for 2 years to have passed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Forrest and Jenny reunite in Washington D.C., they embrace in the lake and the camera pans away from the two of them embracing. If you look closely, there's no reflection of their silhouettes on the water of the lake as there should be.

Correction: There is a clear reflection of them moving around.

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Corrected entry: When Forrest firsts meets Jenny on the bus to school, a girl is sitting behind them, then disappears, then reappears again.. (00:12:55)

Correction: The girl is always there. The little girl's head is blocking her. In one shot you actually see a part of the girl behind her.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Forrest is being chased by the bullies in the truck, the truck has a confederate flag plate on the front, but no "official" state of Alabama-issued plate. Alabama issued duplicate plates (one for front and back) through 1976. Since this scene took place while Forrest was in high school, prior to 1977, it should have had a front plate.

Correction: Two points to nullify this. 1.) Many states issue duplicate plates but do not legally require the front plate to be used. Alabama did not require 2 license plates in 1976. It's irrelevant though because 2.) These boys are in their vehicle chasing another boy who is on foot. They are throwing objects at him and fully intend to beat him severely if they catch him. It's quite clear they have very little concern for the law. They frankly don't care whether they need that front plate or not. It's a character choice, not a movie mistake.

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Correction: young kids who just got their license, we regularly took off our front plates and replaced them with whatever we thought was 'cool'.

Corrected entry: While Forrest is in the hospital with his war wound, all his mail is returned to him that he had been writing to Jenny. The zip code for Greenbow, AL on the first letter is 39902. On the second letter however, it is 96602. All the other letters have 39902 as the zip code. 39902 doesn't exist in the United States.

Correction: 96602 is a zip code used for APO/FPO addresses for American Forces overseas. It was probably Forrest's zip code in Vietnam and is a mistake he would likely make.

Factual error: During the 1972 New Year's Eve celebration, Forrest drinks a Dr. Pepper with a logo that wasn't devised until around the mid 80s.

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Forrest Gump: Bit me directly in the but-tocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but the Army must keep that money, 'cause I still ain't seen a nickel of that million dollars.

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Trivia: Disabled U.S. veterans would tell Gary Sinise that they were inspired by his portrayal of Lt. Dan in this film. Feeling humbled because he himself was neither a veteran or disabled, he established the Gary Sinise Foundation in order to help disabled veterans adjust to their new lives.

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