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Trivia: Disabled U.S. veterans would tell Gary Sinise that they were inspired by his portrayal of Lt. Dan in this film. Feeling humbled because he himself was neither a veteran or disabled, he established the Gary Sinise Foundation in order to help disabled veterans adjust to their new lives.


Trivia: Dave Chappelle was originally offered the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump in a pre-production stage. He was concerned that the character was racially demeaning, so he turned down the part. He has since admitted to regretting the decision.

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Trivia: In the original script, every member of Forrest's platoon in Vietnam was supposed to have a low IQ. This was an experimental practice of the Army in the Vietnam War; the Army tried allowing soldiers with lower IQs to enlist, but put them all in platoons together. Because this led to so many discipline problems, the Army is not particularly proud of it and threatened not to work with the filmmakers at all if they left the platoon like that. As a result, only Forrest and Bubba are noticeably below average intelligence.

Trivia: When Bubba tells Forrest that his name is Benjamin Buford Blue but people call him Bubba, Forrest was not supposed to respond. However Tom Hanks replied "My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump", and Zemeckis decided to keep it in the film.

Trivia: The park bench that Tom Hanks sits on for much of the movie was located in Savannah, GA, at Chippewa Square. The fiberglass bench he sat on has since been removed and placed into a museum to avoid being destroyed by the weather. The church where the feather first falls is about 100 yards just down the street from his bench.

Trivia: When Forrest tells Lt. Dan he is going to be a shrimp boat captain, Lt. Dan says "yeah, and I'm an astronaut." The next movie Tom Hanks and Gary Sinese made together was Apollo 13, where they were both astronauts. (01:19:15)

Trivia: While Forrest is pushing Lt. Dan through the traffic in his wheelchair, the music is from "The Midnight Cowboy". A taxi stops short and Lt. Dan says "I'm walkin' heah, I'm walkin' heah." It was a famous line said by Dustin Hoffman from that movie. (01:16:35)

Trivia: In the beginning of the film when young Forrest is on the School Bus one of the boys that tells him he can't sit down is Director Robert Zemeckis son Alex. (00:12:45)

Trivia: While Forrest is running across America the camera shows some wide shots of him running, That man in those shots is really Jim Hanks (Tom Hanks' brother in real life). (01:55:05)

Trivia: Forrest has his eyes closed on every picture you see of him in the film.

Trivia: The lake behind the Gump house in Alabama is the same lake the Forrest rests his buddies at when he rescues them in Vietnam. Arguably a mistake, but it's not noticeably the same lake - just interesting to know. (00:55:10)

Trivia: 12 minutes into the film, when young Forrest is on the School Bus, the little girl that shakes her head 'no' is Elizabeth Hanks, daughter of Tom Hanks. (00:13:00)

Trivia: The way Forrest Gump was suppose to sound was never actually planned. When Michael Humphreys was cast as the young Forrest, he came from a part of Tennessee which had that unique accent. Tom Hanks then had to copy Michael Humphreys' accent by using tape recorders while in conversation.

Trivia: When Forrest is meeting President Kennedy, the music playing in the background is from the musical "Camelot." The history of this connection is as follows: In a 'Life' magazine interview (a week after the President's assassination) Jacqueline Kennedy (his widow) compared the Kennedy years (with children Caroline and John Jr.) in the White House to King Arthur's kingdom "Camelot", explaining how fond the President was of listening to the musical Camelot's title song.

Trivia: Tom Hanks' scene where he calls the hotel management from his room to report about the "power outage" across the street in the Watergate was actually filmed on scene within the Howard Johnson's hotel which contained the look out room for the burglars and was the place from which the police were called. The hotel is now a dorm for George Washington University. (01:24:05)

Trivia: The helicopters in the first Vietnam camp scene consist of one helicopter being superimposed many times over. All the helicopters are fake.


Factual error: We've already seen George Wallace on the school steps in one of the scenes where Forest is inserted into the footage, and this happened in June of 1963. Then it shows an All-American team meeting with JFK but that was created in December. But there was no way JFK would have been there as he was assassinated the previous month.

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Drill Sergeant: Why did you put that gun together so fast, Private?
Forrest Gump: Because you told me to, Drill Sergeant!

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Question: Why does Forrest's mother say "This is not for children's eyes" when they were watching Elvis perform 'Hound Dog'?


Answer: Many adults in the 50's, like Forrest's mom, found Elvis' gyrations and hip movements to be too sexual and inappropriate for children (especially teens) to watch. In fact, when Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the third time, they only filmed him from the waist up to prevent an outcry from these types of parents. Many also found Rock 'N' Roll music in general to be inappropriate for children to listen to.


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