American History X

Corrected entry: When Derek is shooting at the guys that are breaking into his car he fires 26 rounds out of a gun that would only hold 18 with an extended clip.

Correction: After Derek shoots out the driver's window, you can hear him reload the gun as he runs down his front steps.

Corrected entry: In the basketball game scene, Derek slam dunks the ball at the end of the game. The ball hits the back of the rim real lightly and in the next scene the ball flies over 20 feet in the air and appears to be bounced from the right side of the court.

Correction: If you watch closely, one of Derek's team mates clearly has taken the ball and thrown it down in triumph, causing the ball to bounce so high.

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Continuity mistake: When Danny gets shot at the end of the film, his paper flies out of his hand. But the very next shot of him shows that the paper is still in his hand being held over his head while he falls backwards. In one of the following shots the paper is back on the floor, but it's on the opposite side it should have been when it flew out of his hand. It's all shown in slow motion and it's very obvious.

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Murray: He's lost.

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Trivia: The ending was originally different. After the scene where Derek is crying over Danny, it cut to Henry being arrested, then his family in the kitchen mourning him and saying he was a good boy, and then Derek shaving his head again while smiling. When Edward Norton read the script, he said "I thought the movie was supposed to be anti-Nazi." So the ending was soon changed.

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