She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)


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Directed by: John Ford

Starring: Ben Johnson, Joanne Dru, John Agar, John Wayne

Genres: Western

Movie Quote Quiz

Lt. Flint Cohill: Where do you plan on having your picnic, Ross?
2nd Lt. Ross Penell: Three months from now at Delmonico's in New York with Olivia on my arm, and I won't be wearning a blue suit either, bub.

Captain Nathan Brittles: Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness.

Olivia Dandridge: I'm sorry I made such a fool of myself at the gate this morning.
Captain Nathan Brittles: You made a fool out of a couple of young lieutenants. That's never against Army regulations.

Captain Nathan Brittles: I don't know where you got your brains, Sergeant - God must have given you that pair of eyes. They're Arapahos, all right. Headin' the same way we are. Now why would they be movin' on Sudrow's Wells, Sergeant? Answer me that.
Sgt. Tyree: My mother didn't raise any sons to be makin' guesses in front of Yankee captains.

Captain Nathan Brittles: Give 'em a wide berth. Mr Cohill, past Sudrow's Wells by way of Twin Forks.
Lt. Flint Cohill: We'll lose half a day, sir.
2nd Lt. Ross Penell: The ladies will miss their stage, sir.
Captain Nathan Brittles: Would you rather have them miss their scalps, sir?

Jenkins: Sure got a hankerin' for some buffalo meat.
Trooper Cliff: Me too. Ain't never had none.
Trooper: Beans is safer. Mark my words, they'll be Injuns around that herd thick as flies.

2nd Lt. Ross Penell: I'm sorry, sir.
Captain Nathan Brittles: Oh, shut up.

Factual error: in the beginning of the movie there is a shot of the flag being raised over Fort Stark and the sound of a bugle is playing. The bugler is playing "Retreat" which is only played when the flag is coming down; he should be playing "To The Colors".

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