She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Factual error: in the beginning of the movie there is a shot of the flag being raised over Fort Stark and the sound of a bugle is playing. The bugler is playing "Retreat" which is only played when the flag is coming down; he should be playing "To The Colors".

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Factual error: In the very beginning of the movie, the narrator says, "Pony Express riders know that one more such attack (referring to the Custer Massacre) would mean a hundred years before another wagon train crosses the prairie." Then they show a Pony Express rider supposedly carrying the news. But the Custer massacre happened in June of 1876, and the Pony Express went out of business in 1861.

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Factual error: It opens indicating that Custer is dead. Which would be June 25, 1876. They show a calendar showing a month starting with a Wednesday with 31 days. In 1876 only March started with a Wednesday and had 31 days. When Nathan Brittles is retiring, Olivia Dandridge is attempting to leave the fort before winter sets in, which doesn't fit March.

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