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Corrected entry: The charity banquet at the end of the movie takes place at the newly christened crisis center. However, it is never explained why a crisis center would have an enormous ballroom.


Correction: It's converted warehouse space and the "ballroom" sized area is already there. You see it before they remodel. It isn't unusual for a charitable organization to have a large space like that for fundraising events... especially when the space renovation was paid for by the whole premise of the movie.


Corrected entry: When the ladies come out of the office and away to go down the window washing thing Diane Keaton comes out not wearing glasses and the looks over the edge and screams as she tries to run back her glasses appear on her face.

James Warrender

Correction: She's wearing the glasses the whole time. When she first walks out onto the balconey, the photo-grey lenses haven't darkened yet so they aren't as noticable. As they get on the window-washers platform, they're darker.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the ladies are blackmailing their husbands at the same time and revealing their faults, Brenda says it's 14 hundred hours which is 2pm and Annie's daughter says it's 9 o'clock.

Correction: When Annie's daughter tells her father 9 o'clock, she's referring to the first meeting with Annie and the other partners at the ad agency, not the later meeting (at 2pm) where the 3 first wives and 3 ex-husbands meet to discuss the blackmail.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler reveal the Cynthia Swan Crisis Center, they are talking to Kathie Lee Gifford. When Annie is discussing the services of the new institution, Hawn is mouthing Keaton's lines.

Correction: It is Bette Midler that is mouthing the words not Goldie Hawn. Goldie is simply shaking her head along with Kathie Lee.

Corrected entry: When Annie goes to talk to her daughter at the bar, you see Annie introducing herself to the woman at the bar and shaking her hand. The camera angle changes and she is no longer shaking her hand but she is still introducing herself.


Correction: In the very next shot after Annie shakes the woman's hand, the woman is saying something to Annie. Annie isn't still introducing herself to her.


Corrected entry: When Brenda is reading the card from Cynthia, the camera shows a shot of the card and it is written to Annie, not Brenda. Annie's name appears several times.

Correction: While Elise has a cleansing mask on her face, when she looks down at the mail pile on her floor we see the 1st of Cynthia's mailed envelopes, addressed to Elise. It cuts to a closeup of the 2nd of Cynthia's mailed envelopes, addressed to Brenda, and Brenda opens her envelope, gasps as she reads silently. It then cuts to the 3rd of Cynthia's mailed letters - a closeup of Annie's hands holding the letter addressed to her, as she reads and says "omg." Then, there are a few shots of all 3 women, each silently reading their own Cynthia letters. At 00:33:43, Annie reads aloud to her mother, part of her own letter from Cynthia. Please, rewatch this scene, there are no continuity issues whatsoever.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: After Chris the daughter leaves a message on Annie's machine, the others call each other. Annie's voice is on the phone to talk to Brenda to Elise, but accidentally says her own (Annie's) name.

Correction: Annie leaves this message: "Bren? Brenda, Annie. Listen to this." Her first spoken sentence was one word, "Bren?", meaning Brenda are you screening your calls and really at home? Her next sentence is, "Brenda, [this is] Annie, listen to this." and left out the words "this is" because she was merely speaking hurriedly. She wasn't leaving a message for both Brenda and Elise mistakenly calling Elise, Annie.

Corrected entry: When Duardo is in Morty & Shelley's apartment Morty covers up the ugly chair with Duardo's coat that he recently took off. A few shots later the coat is off the chair and back on Duardo.

Correction: The coat used to cover the chair was Morty's and not Duardo's.

Continuity mistake: When Elise, Annie and Brenda decide to make their own first wives club, Elise's glass of wine is almost empty, but when they throw their rings in the glass, it is almost full.

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Suggested correction: The glass the ladies throw the rings in is Annie's glass. If you watch when Annie takes a drink from her glass, the rings are in it.

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Elise: You've always been jealous of me, even in college! Because I was blonde and beautiful, and could have any guy I wanted.
Brenda: Could and did! All the senior class and half the faculty.
Elise: It was the sixties.

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