The Machinist

Corrected entry: In the scene where we are introduced to Ivan, Reznik pushes in the car's cigarette lighter. It takes a good 30-40 seconds, I believe, to finish lighting. Later in the movie, when he pushes it in again, it takes only a few seconds to light.


Correction: It does take long for the lighter to work, but because hes imagining the meeting, it could have been only a second in real time.

Corrected entry: When Trevor went to the police station to report his/Ivan's car and they said it was listed as belonging to him, why did the policeman automatically leap to the conclusion that he was committing a crime? Surely a more obvious conclusion would be that he had some form of amnesia caused by the crash, and he was "remembering" his own car's number plate rather than the car that hit him.

Correction: The policeman said, "The car you are reporting as having hit you is licensed to your name and you reported it wrecked a year ago. Are you aware that making a false police report is a felony?" - so he wasn't leaping to a conclusion, he was actually alleging something completely new towards Trevor.

Corrected entry: In the film Trevor was an insomniac, so I doubt he would be allowed to operate dangerous heavy machinery?

Correction: Trevor's boss didn't know he was an insomniac. He even makes a remark asking what is wrong with him thinking it was drugs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trevor goes into the bathroom at the bar, he tries to get soap but the soap dispenser falls to the floor. When he turns around to look for something else to wash his hands with, you can see the soap dispenser still on the wall.

Correction: No it isn't - there is a second soap dispenser on the other side of the sink, but the one Trevor knocks to the floor stays on the floor. You can see the marks where it's been on the wall.

Factual error: When Trevor is struck by the VW Beetle, not only is he not thrown forward along the Beetle's path, he actually lands well behind the point of impact - more than half the length of the parked van. He doesn't bounce off another object that changes his direction. He's just thrown up, then falls rearward above the car. (01:08:35)

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Marie: Trevor, is someone chasing you?
Trevor Reznik: Not yet. But they will when they find out who I am.

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Trivia: When Trevor is following Ivan through the tunnel, he reads the number plate out as 743 CRN on the red Firebird. When the shot changes to Trevor's pickup, the number plate reads NRC 347. Could this be a clue to a mirror image twist?

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