Factual error: When Angela is watching the security video on her laptop of her sister committing suicide, you can see she's playing it using Quicktime. She rewinds a couple of seconds by clicking on the first button of the video player. Actually, when you click this button, it takes you to the beginning of the video. The second button would have rewound it a short time. (00:25:20)

Factual error: Rachel Weisz fires approximately 29 shots from her semi-automatic handgun without reloading - vastly more shots than her gun can hold.

Factual error: When Angela talks to a priest about giving Isabel a Catholic funeral, the priest says that it's impossible because Isabel committed suicide. Even though the church does consider suicide a mortal sin, this rule doesn't apply to people who have a history of mental illness.

Factual error: After John traveled to hell using Duck the cat, he and Angela are going to eat something and John tells about his suicide attempt. In this flashback, you see them using a defibrillator to shock him back to life. When he is shocked, people are touching his body, but they don't get shocked.


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Continuity mistake: When Constantine manages to get the mirror through the window he falls on his back. To the right on the screen a chair lies on the floor beside a dresser. A few shots later when it cuts to Constantine getting up we can see the chair has changed position as its back now covers the opening of the dresser. (00:08:15)


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Trivia: Jay and Silent Bob (from Kevin Smith's films) get a mention during the movie. When talking about sidekicks, three are mentioned, the first two by name, and the third is a description of Jay and Silent Bob. (00:19:25)

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Chosen answer: According to the legend of "The Spear", it is indestructible.

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