Flawless (1999)

Ending / spoiler

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Turns out Rusty Zimmerman crept back into the apartment of Amber and Raymond Camacho (following there deaths), found the stolen cash and hid it by sewing it into his female impersonater costume. Leonard Wilcox figures it out when he opens Rusty's mail and sees deposits to a sex change operation. He informs Mr. Z who shows up with Vance and Vinniewith Walt coming to the rescue, leading to Vinnie having his forehead pierced with a stelleto heel by Rusty and Z getting shot right under his chin by Walt. Rusty then uses the remaining cash to pay for Walt's operation.

Other mistake: When Walt makes his first appearance back at the dance club after his stroke, he brings flowers for Tia, but he tells another dancer they are for Daphne, which is the name if the actress playing Tia.

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Rusty Zimmerman: You're ashamed of us, but we're not ashamed of you. As long as you go down on your Banana Republican knees and suck dick, you're my sisters, and I love you. And fuck off.

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