Flawless (1999)


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Rusty Zimmerman: You're ashamed of us, but we're not ashamed of you. As long as you go down on your Banana Republican knees and suck dick, you're my sisters, and I love you. And fuck off.

Walt Koontz: I can't do it.
Rusty Zimmerman: Yeah? Well "can't" lives on "won't" street.

Walt Koontz: I'm not as stupid as you think I am.
Rusty Zimmerman: Honey, you could never be as stupid as I think you are.

Rusty Zimmerman: Poor me, poor me, pour me another.

Walt Koontz: She took everything. Everything. The dog, everything.
Rusty Zimmerman: Honey, you should have gotten another dog.

Rusty Zimmerman: Darling, I am more man than you will ever be, and more woman than you will ever get.

Cha-Cha: I shot my best friend in the tit with my cufflink.

Walt Koontz: You pay for sex?
Rusty Zimmerman: Honey, there's no romance without finance.

Rusty Zimmerman: I left sensitivity back in the sand pile.

Rusty Zimmerman: Oh yeah? Well life's a bitch, so I became one, honey.

Walt Koontz: How can a man cut off his balls, how do you do that?
Rusty Zimmerman: Because, I'm a woman trapped in a man's body.
Walt Koontz: Eh, you're ain't no woman.
Rusty Zimmerman: I'm just not your idea of a woman, Walt.
Walt Koontz: You're nobody's idea of a woman.

Other mistake: When Walt makes his first appearance back at the dance club after his stroke, he brings flowers for Tia, but he tells another dancer they are for Daphne, which is the name if the actress playing Tia.

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