American Beauty

New this month Trivia: When Lester throws the asparagus during the dinner scene, he was meant to throw it to the floor. The stunned reactions of Annette Bening and Thora Birch are real.

New this month Trivia: Kevin Spacey improvised everything he did in the car when Lester is stoned and singing "American Woman."

Trivia: The films enigmatic tagline "Look Closer" can be seen on a card or sticker at Lester's desk. (00:04:36)

Trivia: The role of Angela Hayes was offered to Kirsten Dunst, who turned it down.

Trivia: Jessica Biel was originally cast as Jane Burnham but had to drop out due to conflicts with "7th Heaven" producer Aaron Spelling. The part then went to Thora Birch.

Trivia: Before Kevin Spacey was cast as Lester, Tom Hanks and Chevy Chase were both offered the role.

Trivia: The original movie ending had Lester Burnham remembering the events leading up to his death, and his daughter and her boyfriend going to trial for his murder.


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