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Corrected entry: In the scene where Miles and Maya walk up the stairs to her apartment, the stairs go straight in to her front door. Later, after their altercation, he drops her off and the stairs she climbs are at a right angle to her unit, not straight on.

Correction: This is incorrect. The camera pans 90 degrees to the right as they reach the top of the stairs to Maya's front door. That's no guarantee that the apartment is the same in both shots, but the "mistake" is unfounded.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack joins Miles in the bar to talk about Stephanie, when Jack arrives, the bar chair is already pulled out for him, indicating another take.

Correction: There is no discontinuity - the chair does not change position between shots. It isn't where you think it should be at the start of the scene, but that's not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: In the DVD version, the scene where Miles is driving on the freeway shows him doing a crossword puzzle on his steering wheel. If you look at the speedometer, it reads zero but he is actually driving on the highway.

Correction: Posted on a number of films and corrected on them, too. The speedometer is broken. It happens.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Miles are drinking at the bar where they eventually meet Maya, Jack is shown with his glass in his hand as the bartender is moving to pour him, and in the next cut, the glass is on the bar top, and Jack is not holding it. There was not enough time for Jack to have set the glass down on the bar.

Correction: I watched the scenes in this bar, the Hitching Post, repeatedly and nothing looked discontinuous.

Corrected entry: When Miles returns to his hotel room after his day alone, he puts his hotel card key into the door reader upside down and the door opens. (01:08:00)

Correction: The card is used correctly. You can see the magnetic stripe on it being turned to face the door, and then the Days Inn logo appearing upright and the two small arrows at the bottom facing down, into the slot as he inserts the card.

Corrected entry: When the car crashes into the tree the sound effect for the crashing noise happens a split second before the car actually hits.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: I've watched this scene many, many times, and the sound of the car hitting the tree syncs up with the actual accident just fine.


Corrected entry: Before going into the restaurant to meet the girls, Miles is exclaiming how much he hates merlot, and that he will leave if they open a merlot. Well he also talks during the night about his "dream wine" he has saved up for a special occasion, a '61 Ch√Ęteau Cheval Blanc from France. Well, that wine is is a merlot, mixed with some Cab Franc (another wine he supposedly hates.).


Correction: This is a Saint-Emilion; while it is based on both varieties, it is neither a pure Merlot nor a pure Cabernet franc. That's why Miles doesn't loathe it: the mix changes everything.


Corrected entry: When Jack meets Maya in the bar, she is seen smoking. California outlawed smoking in public places such as restaurants in 1998.

Correction: The bar has closed (Maya is finished working) so there's nobody to complain about the smoking. Even although smoking in public places is outlawed, it would be naive to assume that it never happens. Characters doing something in contravention of rules is not, in itself, a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Stephanie whacks Jack with her motorcycle helmet, she hits him many times. But Jack's only injury is a broken nose (which, by the way, heals all too well in one day). He definitely would have had more bruises or marks on his face - or at least injuries to his hands from defending himself from the blows.

Correction: There is a scene later on when Miles and Jack are at the motel, in which Jack is shirtless. You can see several bruise marks on his upper body, as a result from Stephanie's assault. Also, they don't show Jack while Stephanie is beating him, so there is no way of knowing if he protected himself with his hands.

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