White Noise

John sees himself on one of the tapes. He once again hears Anna's voice telling him to go now. The video shows that he must go to Pier 16. John goes to pier 16, meanwhile Amy is in the hospital because the evil spirits forced her off her balcony. John finds the abducted woman and her kidnapper, Sean. At exactly 2:30 the three evil spirits begin attacking John meanwhile Amy is in her hospital bed seeing what is happening to John. Finally the spirits force John off a ledge and he dies. Right as Sean is about to kill the abducted woman, the police force comes and kills him. Then at John's funeral Mikey and his mother get into a van after the ceremony. Right at 2:30 the radio pops on and starts scanning frequencies until you hear johns voice saying, "I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Mikey," Mikey smiles, and they pull away. The ending shot is one of John and Anna together in one of the static videos.

Dan aka Caboose

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