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White Noise (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Jonathan is looking for the missing woman in the industrial building (near the end of the movie) he hears her scream several times, but every time they cut back to her, her mouth is taped shut.

Correction: Due to his exposure to psychic phenomena, we are led to believe he is able to hear her even though her mouth is taped shut, as he is becoming more attuned to the spirit world. She is in a great deal of distress, and he has become able to hear her "psychic screams."

Corrected entry: When John Rivers is watching the video where Anna Rivers is bringing in the shopping, the box of cornflakes is open.

Correction: Perhaps she dropped the bag of groceries, and the box split open. I've done similar things myself.

Corrected entry: When Keaton first goes to see the EVP guy, he tells Keaton that EVP is not "live" and can only be heard on tape after a recording has been completed and then played back. However, at the end of the film, after Keaton's ex-wife gets into the car, she changes the radio frequency and you can here supposedly Keaton say he is sorry. But it was on "live" radio.

Correction: I've researched the subject of EVP and this is a quote from the Wiki site "The voices can also manifest over the white noise between un-tuned stations on a radio" So therefore this is quite feasible.

Corrected entry: One news report states that Anna's body was found 3 miles upstream from where her car was found. Another says that her body must have drifted upstream. However, her body obviously would have drifted downstream.

Correction: They said the tide was coming in as she fell. The tide carried her upstream to the location she was found.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John first speaks to Raymond Price, Raymond says that his son died 12 years ago and then someone contacted him to say his son was okay and then he started helping people. But in the scene where John and Sara are in Sara's book store the first time they looked at Raymond's record books, Sara says that the books contain 23 years of recordings.

Correction: Actually, Raymond Price said that his son died when he was 12 years old.

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