Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Deliberate mistake: When Sunny picks up the Scrabble letter, you can hear her biting a piece of it. But when she places it on the board, you can see it hasn't been chewed on. It looks exactly the same as when she picked it up. (00:03:45)

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Deliberate mistake: In the scene where the children are first driven to Count Olaf's house, they turn round to see the house in the distance and while the house is fairly realistic the surrounding scenery and background are obviously matte painting. (00:08:15)

Deliberate mistake: In the shot where the camera zooms in on the car, after they realise they are standing on a train track, it is obvious that the car would be hit by the train even if they managed to change tracks. The car's hood is parked right above the other track. (00:23:45)

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Deliberate mistake: When Violet and Klaus have the anchor on the three cans they use to roll it on, just before they tip it over the edge, it is obvious the anchor isn't a real anchor. It's too light. When they keep pushing it back and forth, it should tip over because of the weight if it was a real anchor. They shouldn't have been able to handle it like that. (01:01:45)

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Count Olaf: I must say, you're a gloomy looking bunch. Why are you so glum?
Klaus Baudelaire: Our parents just died.
Count Olaf: [nonchalantly.] Ah, yes. How very dreadful. Wait, let me do that one more time. Give me the line again while it's fresh in my mind.
Klaus Baudelaire: Our parents just died?
[Olaf pretends to be shocked.].



In the scene where the Baudelaires and Aunt Josephine are looking in the photo album, Violet turns a page. You can see the photo Aunt Josephine does not want the orphans to see, but when Violet turns to the next page, the same photo is there.



If you look at the poster advertising the play "The Marvelous Marriage," you'll see it was written by Al Funcoot. "Al Funcoot" is an anagram of Count Olaf. This is a common theme in the Lemony Snicket Books.