Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet, Sunny and Klaus Baudelaire are very intelligent children. After their wealthy parents sudden and suspicious death in a fire that also burnt down their home the children are sent to live with count olaf. Soon enough they dicover that count olaf is planning to kill them and claim their inherited fourtune. The children outwit olaf's first plan to kill them and Olaf looses custody over them. They are then sent to live with Uncle Monty ,another distant relative, but count olaf refuses to give up and continues to try and execute his plans to get his hands on the childrens fortune. Thus reducing the Baudelaires lives to an ever recourring series of unfortunate events.

Hazax of Rodmore

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Count Olaf: I must say, you're a gloomy looking bunch. Why are you so glum?
Klaus Baudelaire: Our parents just died.
Count Olaf: [nonchalantly.] Ah, yes. How very dreadful. Wait, let me do that one more time. Give me the line again while it's fresh in my mind.
Klaus Baudelaire: Our parents just died?
[Olaf pretends to be shocked.].



In the scene where the Baudelaires and Aunt Josephine are looking in the photo album, Violet turns a page. You can see the photo Aunt Josephine does not want the orphans to see, but when Violet turns to the next page, the same photo is there.



If you look at the poster advertising the play "The Marvelous Marriage," you'll see it was written by Al Funcoot. "Al Funcoot" is an anagram of Count Olaf. This is a common theme in the Lemony Snicket Books.