Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Audio problem: When Aunt Josephine says, " Watch the chandelier, if it falls it will impale you." she turns to face the camera about when she says "impale" and her lips aren't moving. (00:50:05)

Audio problem: When Olaf (as Stephano) jabs the knife into the door when he arrives, it makes a vibrating sound. But Olaf kept his grip on the knife the whole time. It wouldn't vibrate in the door. (00:36:05)

Audio problem: When Count Olaf, dressed as Stephano, runs away and takes off in his car the tires screech. However the road outside Uncle Monty was of dust and sand, not asphalt. (00:45:05)

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Audio problem: Trapped inside Olaf's car, Violet is in the front seat pushing all the buttons. She pushes the button that starts playing the tape, and the tape begin to roll. When it cuts, the tape suddenly runs the other way, but the music continues normally. (00:24:25)

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