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Corrected entry: In the beginning where the green car spins out, he starts by clutching out and puts the car into first gear. He then completely releases the clutch and accelerates. This would cause any car to stall - you need to clutch in slowly in first gear. (00:03:20)

Correction: If the author of this submission knew anything about how to drive a manual transmission, he would know that Brian is dumping the clutch to launch the car. You can hear him rev to about 4000rpms and dumping the clutch. This may cause wheelhop on a fwd vehicle but he will definitely not stall.

Corrected entry: When Brian gets his new car the hood scoops have no grills over them but when he goes to race wars they have grills.

Correction: The grills are always there, but they are more obvious in the strong overhead light evident during Race Wars.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film where Bryan and Dom are chasing the dirtbikes, Dom hits one bike with the back of his car and the bike goes to the left, yet in the next shot, the bike flies off the hill towards the right.

Correction: Dom hits the rear wheel, forcing it to the left and similarly jolting the rider. Thus, the bike turns to the right and flies off the road.


Corrected entry: When Brian and Jessie are by the computer and put in a floppy disk and about all possible angles of a car show up. Most floppy disks have about 1.4-2 megabytes capacity. There is no way all of that stuff could have been on one floppy disk.

Correction: It could of just been a program on the computer and the floppy was a saved version of a file. It's just like saving a document from Word and opening it on floppy.

Corrected entry: When Dom is about to crack Tran one at 'Race Wars' for accusing Dom of "narking" on him, and the crowd rushes in to a big brawl just after this, in a shot of Dom you can see his pal Leon bracing himself for the rush of the crowd. (01:14:25)

Correction: Leon could probably tell that there would be a fight and readies himself for the onslaught of the crowd.

Corrected entry: Dom states in the film that the Charger has a 900 HP hemi. He goes on to tell Paul Walker that the car ran 9 seconds flat in the quarter mile. Walker's supra is said to be a 10 second car. Seeing as the Charger is so much faster, the race between the two cars should not be nearly as close as it was.

Glenn Morgan

Correction: Rightly so, however, Dom also says that the 9 seconds is what his father got and that he has never raced the car. Without experience, it is possible Dom made the car into a 10 second car and therefore the race was more even.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dom arrives at the first race, he is greeted by one of the extras as he gets out his car. You can see and hear him say 'Hey Vin'.

Correction: This isn't a mistake at all...if you actually turn up the volume loud enough to listen to the background dialogue, you can HEAR and SEE the extra say "What's up, Dom?" He then says, "How ya feelin'?" He absolutely does NOT say "Vin" at all.

Corrected entry: In the Malibu, Dominic and Brian drive the Supra and pull up next to a Ferrari. After Dominic says to Brian, "Smoke him", a shot of both Ferrari and Supra is shown with the Ferrari's headlights in the open position. After the traffic light has changed to green and both cars drive away, the headlights are closed. (01:06:25)

Correction: That's not necessarily a mistake. If I was going to race, and I had pop-up headlights, I'd close them to be more aerodynamic. Having them up only creates more drag.

Corrected entry: In the final race scene between Vin and Paul, right after they clear the train tracks, Vin's car hits the green truck. After the obviously horrible accident, the truck is just gone. One would think the driver would come over to check on any injured parties, but you never see it again.

Correction: After Dom's car has finished crashing, and the camera swings around to where it shows Brian helping Dom out of the car, in the background you can see the truck with most of its front end mangled.

Corrected entry: When Brian gets into the fight, the parking lot behind him has the red car that they build later on in the movie.

Correction: The only "red" vehicle in the fight scene between Brian and Vince is the red Ford Lightning. The car that they build later on in the movie is not red at all, and it is an orange Supra.

Corrected entry: In the shot when Dom goes to see what Brian has under the hood before the 4 car race, the NOS lines in Brian's car are on the left. When he starts the race, his car torques to the right, meaning that the engine went to the left: toward the NOS lines. There is no way that Brian would have installed the NOS lines on the left side of the engine. If you torque your engine toward the NOS lines you risk cutting them. Any real street racer would have put them on the right so that they wouldn't blow themselves up. (00:14:13)

Correction: Being that Bryan is driving a front wheel drive car with an "east-west" engine - the torque would rotate the enging towards the front of the car and therefore there is no risk of cutting the nos lines.

Corrected entry: It is said that it is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, but it has a 1968 front grill. The 69' has a chrome split down the middle, but the 68 has four round taillights (2 on each side) while the 69' has moulded body taillights (1 on each side.)

Correction: At the start of the scene Dom informs Brian that his dad built the car, this means that he probably salvaged parts from other cars to put it together.

Corrected entry: When Brian arrives at the gathering of all the racers, between the buildings, there is a camera shot where the camera is real low as he drives by. With the green lights below his car you can see a loop of hose dragging on the ground. (00:10:30)

Correction: It isn't a piece of hose, it's the nos line that runs under the car, or a ground wire.

Corrected entry: In the scene toward the end of the movie when Brian is chasing the bikes the pushes the left NOS button toward the top of the steering wheel. Then when Dom and Brain are racing to the train tracks at the end he pushes the right NOS button towards the top of the steering wheel, but then to beat the train he pushes the left top NOS button again.

Correction: Both of the buttons on his steering wheel control the NOS system, it helps balance out the levels of the tanks, if you push right, left, right, etc.

Corrected entry: In the 4 car race with Brian, Dominic, Eddie and the Asian guy, Brian blows out his passenger side floor plate after using the second Nos burst. But when he picks up Dominic to escape from the cops, Dominic sits comfortably in the passenger seat. (00:19:58)

Correction: A part of the floor plan does fly out under the car. But we never see Dom put his feet on the floor. There are other places they could rest - further up the floor well, the door sill or the side of the transmission tunnel. Only a small square of metal comes off the car.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian is talking to all the officers in the police hideaway the commanding officer is smoking a cigar, the scene cuts to a different angle and the cigar is gone.

Correction: The cigar's not gone, it's on the counter next to him. He dropped it when he tried to catch the guy that Brian pushed to the floor.


Corrected entry: When the four cars are racing down the street, Dom opens up his seat and turns on the nitrous, if you notice the knob he turns is on the far right side, and in the second shot, the knob is on the far left side.

Correction: He actually has 2 knobs for 2 containers of NOS. When Dom is turning the knob on the far right, you can't see the knob on the far left because it is in the shadows.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Don and Bryan first meet up with Johnny's motorcycle gang, as the motorcycles approach, there is a blue yamaha just behind the window on Don's side, when they cut to the shot inside the car, the blue yamaha is right next to Don, not only that, but it's a different yamaha. The bike outside the car has 2 circle headlights, and little red stripes down the nose, the one next to Don on the inside car shot has no stripes, and different headlights. (00:26:46)

Correction: There are 3 bikes on Dom's side of the car, 1 on the rear of the car, and 3 on Brian's side of the car. The middle bike on Dom's side of the car is hard to spot, but you can see it if you look closely. In all the shots, it is exactly even with Dom's window. This is the bike that has no stripes and different headlights. The bike behind this one, has the round headlights and is mistaken for the bike that appears next to Dom when the camera cuts to the inside the car angle.


Corrected entry: When Brian and Dom are sitting in that restaurant eating shrimps, there's a hill in the background. At first there's bright sunlight on the hill, a few seconds later, it's very dark on the hill.

Correction: It's early evening, somewhat cloudy (smoggy) and they're on the coast. Granted, the light changes slightly in the background every now and then, but very slighty. Thats perfectly normal in those conditions.


Corrected entry: In the drag race scene with four cars, speeds of 160 mph are achieved. This would put their e/t's (estimated times) at around 8-9 seconds, not 10. Granted the 1/4 race scene lasts about 2 minutes, but it's implied that Brian owes Dom a 10 second car...

Correction: Yes, speeds of 160 mph are achieved in this drag, but from that fact alone you simply cannot narrow it down that they finished in 8-9 seconds. There are way too many other variables that come into play. Just to name a few: How good their start was, how quickly they got to 160 mph and how long they stayed there before they crossed the finish line. There is no way of judging these other variables, so there is no way you can simply say that they would have finished in 8-9 seconds, not 10.

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Continuity mistake: When Jesse is going to race Johnny Tran at Race Wars for pink slips and Johnny Tran pulls up in his Honda S2000 Tran has on a black, short sleeved shirt. When the camera goes from side to front view, Tran has on a black tank top. (01:12:41)

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Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your ass handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

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Trivia: When the "pizza boy" is stopped by the drag racing, the driver is Rob Cohen, the film's director. (00:15:48)

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