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Corrected entry: In the drag race scene with four cars, speeds of 160 mph are achieved. This would put their e/t's (estimated times) at around 8-9 seconds, not 10. Granted the 1/4 race scene lasts about 2 minutes, but it's implied that Brian owes Dom a 10 second car...

Correction: Yes, speeds of 160 mph are achieved in this drag, but from that fact alone you simply cannot narrow it down that they finished in 8-9 seconds. There are way too many other variables that come into play. Just to name a few: How good their start was, how quickly they got to 160 mph and how long they stayed there before they crossed the finish line. There is no way of judging these other variables, so there is no way you can simply say that they would have finished in 8-9 seconds, not 10.


Corrected entry: When Dom hits the 18 wheeler in the black car at the end of the movie the front end is not messed up at all.

Correction: That's because the truck hits the side of Dom's car, not the front.


Corrected entry: In The First race with the 4 cars you see all 4 guys shift into first gear. If you look each hand is a white person's hand that shifts the gear. Out of all the 4 guys there are 2 white guys, a Chinese guy, and a black guy.

Correction: Each hand is not a white guy's hand. The first hand is white, belonging to Toretto. The second hand having little or no hair, is oriental. The third hand is Ja Rule's hand, it's not dark black, but it's definitely black. And the fourth belongs to Paul Walker, with the rubber band around the wrist.


Corrected entry: Just before the 4 car race, when all the cars are driving from the warehouses to the start there is a shot from above and far away of the stream of cars, you can see the helicopter providing the lighting on the right of the screen, and if it was meant to be a police helicopter the race never would have gone ahead.

Correction: It's not a helicopter, it's just a light on top of a building.


Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone is about to eat and Jesse say the blessing he thanks God for "titanium valve springs". Well, if you know about cars, you know there is no such thing as "titanium valve springs". There's titanium valves but no valve springs.

Correction: The knowledge of this site's visitors never ceases to amaze me. There are in fact titanium valve springs - check out the proof. Guess the original contributor didn't know as much as he thought...

Corrected entry: When Dom is telling Bryan the story about his father losing control coming out of the "final turn"...did anyone but me wonder which dragstrip had any turns in it. Cool movie, but drag racing means 1320 feet (or possibly 660 feet) - straight ahead boys.

Correction: in Dom's speech, he says that his dad was stock car racing, which is on a circular track.

Corrected entry: Near the start when Brian arrives at the first street race and meets Dom, he is driving a green car. Yet when the black guy lifts the bonnet, the car is black. When the camera cuts back to the car, it's green again.

Correction: The car is green throughout the whole movie - it appears to be black in that scene because it has a black carbon fibre hood which is popular among import street racing.

Corrected entry: In the final chase with the two bikes and the supra. Just before the 1st guy on the bike crashes going down hill, he is holding a firearm. A second later the firearm is gone and both hands have a firm grip on the handle bars as he crashes down the hill.

Correction: They have tactical slings on their weapons. This allows them to drop the weapons when they need both hands and pick the weapon up again quickly when they don't. The weapon is probably behind his back.

Corrected entry: Tran is seen with the other Asian guy on dirt bikes after Tran wins the Jetta. The helmets they are wearing require goggles as they do not have a built in visor. Tran is not wearing goggles so we can see his pretty face. Motorcycle people know you cannot see anything over 30 mph without eye protection. However, he never appears to struggle.

Correction: I've driven a motorcycle many times at interstate speeds of 70 mph, even 90 mph and can see just fine without goggles. Not saying it's safe, but not impossible, nor difficult.

Corrected entry: When Jesse pulls up to a drag race, he is in a 4 door VW Jetta with white roof, handles and seat belts - its pillars are white too. In the middle of the drag race he is in a Honda civic coupe with 2 doors (rear windows shape is coupe) black roof handles, the seat belts have no pillars, and the belts are black. (01:12:50)

Correction: The car Jessie is driving stays the same throughout. Johnny Tran is racing a Honda with black roof and seat belts.


Correction: The front on shots of Jesse driving during that race where the camera is pointed at him through the windshield, they actually used what they called the "mic rig", which was a 2 door black civic coupe chopped up and mounted to the back of a truck fitted with camera rigs. They did one for the eclipse and supra too. They put a red steering wheel cover on the civic's steering wheel to make it slightly look like the red steering wheel in Jesse's Jetta. So yes the original entry was correct.

Corrected entry: In a real quarter mile race a racer would only be able to change gear about 2 times as its over in roughly 10 seconds, In the 1st race they are shown shifting gear about 5 or more times.

Correction: It is quite possible to change gears 4 or 5 times in a quarter mile drag. Check the Hennessey Motorsport website and they have video of an 850hp Viper pulling a 10 second pass and the incar video shows the driver changing gears 4 times. Another thing to take into account is that you don't shift based on time, you shift based on keeping your RPM in the "power band", not a lot of cars are still in an RPM power band in second gear at 100 mph.

Corrected entry: When Dom drags Brian in the Charger, when he does the wheelie, if you pause it at the right moment you can see the wheelie bar coming out of the back.

Correction: I have looked at this part in slow motion and using frame by frame, I cannot see any bars coming out the back, or underneath of the car, all you see is smoke from the tires.


Correction: Still impossible given the presence of both a wheelie and a burnout. Burnouts are smoking of the tires due to loss of traction. A wheelie is lifting of the front end due to excessive traction. If the tires broke loose enough to spin and smoke, there would be no traction for a wheelie.

Corrected entry: When Brian arrives at the gathering of all the racers, between the buildings, there is a camera shot where the camera is real low as he drives by. With the green lights below his car you can see a loop of hose dragging on the ground. (00:10:30)

Correction: It isn't a piece of hose, it's the nos line that runs under the car, or a ground wire.

Corrected entry: The Supra is a '10 second car' The Ferrari 355 he races is only a '13 second car'. The drag is incorrectly portrayed as being very close. 3 seconds is a massive advantage.

Correction: If you watch the scene Brian has to swing out two lanes to his left in order to avoid traffic before swerving back over into his lane. This would substantially slow him down (also it isn't that close of a race as he is at least a half second ahead of the Ferrari in the last shot and still pulling away).

Corrected entry: When all the cars drive to the race at the beginning, a Honda Accord Estate with its bonnet off, pulls up and you can see the yellow Skyline parked next to it, but after that it shows the Skyline pull up and then the Accord is not there. Then when the pizza bloke pulls up, the Skyline and the Accord are parked together again in the same position. (00:15:18)

Correction: Both yellow cars are 2 different cars. One is a skyline, the other an eclipse.

Corrected entry: In the beginning race, they mention blowing the welds off of the manifolds. If you know your metals and car parts, any manifold (intake or exhaust) that has welds has usually been damaged in the past and the weld is a quick fix. They are usually made by casts and no welds are used in making them. (00:22:08)

Correction: Aftermarket intake manifolds are commonly fabricated, not cast, in order to fit or function for their particular applications. The sheer cost of tooling for casting intakes makes it prohibitive for nearly all low-volume, niche aftermarket segments. Fabrication would also allow flexibility in the design, such as additional bungs for his secondary injectors and direct port nitrous injectors.

Corrected entry: When the police storm the cafe for Lance, you see him get choke-slammed by an officer and the cop puts his knee on his face. When the shot changes to a close-up of Lance's face, the cop puts his knee on his face again. (01:02:55)

Correction: The cop in the first shot puts his knee by the side of Lance. In the next shot he brings it up and puts it on his face. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are trying to get Vince off the truck the Civic changes from having regular tail lights to the clear ones. (01:24:12)


Correction: They are normal all the way through. The clear one is the one that was shot out by the driver of the lorry.


Corrected entry: In the last scene when Brian and Dom are racing the quarter mile and after they go past the train, when Dom hits the big truck, you can see the stunt ramp. You can see it if you look under the truck wheels.

Correction: I just viewed this scene very carefully and no ramp is visible.


Corrected entry: When Brian arrives to Race wars, two big security guys stop him and one says, "Welcome to Race wars." His lips are not in sync with the audio as the audio is about a second too early. (01:07:10)

Andreas Winnberg

Correction: The words are not out of sync - I just watched this part 3 times to make sure.


The Fast and the Furious mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening hijack scene, the semi obviously has two sets of rear wheels on the trailer, but when it comes to the scene where the black Honda is under the trailer, there is only one set of rear wheels. (00:01:11)

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Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your ass handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

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Question: Jessie is using a car design program from the Supra. Does anyone know either what the program is or where to get it?


Chosen answer: It's not a real program, just some CGI. As well as when the pictures of "what it could look like" show up. Those are existing pictures of the car.

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