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Corrected entry: At the beginning, during the first race scene Toretto pulls away from the white car, so there is now some distance between Toretto and the white car, yet when the camera cuts to a front view, the white car is now magically level with Toretto's bumper or very close to it. (00:18:05)


Correction: I just watched this part of the film and nothing of the kind happens.

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Corrected entry: When Brian brings Dom back to the fort, Dom talks to Vince about where they were. When Vince says, "That s**t was orchestrated.", he's seen from the side view, but clearly his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: His mouth does move, but it's hard to see due to the shadow.

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Corrected entry: Dom and Brian switch sides during the explosion of Brian's car.

Correction: They don't switch sides during this scene.

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Corrected entry: In one of the aerial shots after the first race. The police cars are driving onto the street. If you look closely you can see several police cars parked on the side streets waiting for the cue to pull onto he streets. (00:23:45)

Correction: The police could be deliberately using this tactic, so not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Brian is testing out his Eclipse on the track you will notice that the camera view has changed from the passenger seat to the driver's seat. When the camera is in the driver's seat you can tell that Brian is still driving, now on the right-hand side of the car. This can be noticed by the proximity of the door to the driver. (00:03:29)

Correction: It's not changed sides, the camera has just zoomed in more.

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Corrected entry: In the first street racing scene where Brian first drives up to join the others, a shot of the front underside of his car reveals a hose dangling from under the car. Too much money and effort are put into the construction of these vehicles and something this sloppy would not have been left alone.

Correction: Something like that could also happen enroute to the race. I have a BMW 735iL that I take a lot of pride in, yet I have a headlight washer hose that drops below the valance numerous times a month. I don't crawl under the car every time it happens to refasten it. If the dangling hose disappeared in a following shot then it would be a legitimate mistake.

Corrected entry: When Dom speaks that immortal line "probably blown the welds on the intakes", never could a more stupid line be spoken by someone who supposedly knows about cars. For the inlet tract to 'blow', the inlet would have to be under increasing pressure, which isn't likely as the pressure occurs in the piston chambers, not the inlet tract.

Correction: He's not saying this as a fact, but an exaggeration and way of putting him down. It's a lot like saying someone "is such a bad cook, they'd burn water". Also, some variable length manifolds CAN in fact increase pressure due to their shape, which is why they are used in performance applications. What Dom is saying is that the pressure became so high it blew the welds, which anyone would know is an overstatement. Especially as a lot of high performance manifolds are cast, not welded.

Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone gathers around Brian's car, and they are looking under the hood and asking questions; two problems arise. An actual turbo is nowhere in sight, nor a frontmount large enough to handle the immense number of pounds he claims to be pushing. Later he quotes that he spent around 4,000 to 5,000 dollars to turbo a non turbo car. Try around 15,000 when all is said and done, to turbo the exact same car.

Correction: Turbos can be placed under or behind the engine, therefore it may not be visible. Prices for installing a turbo vary greatly, and 4-5000 dollars is not unreasonable considering he worked at a parts supply store (employee discount alone is often 50% off retail, sometimes more) and if he did some or all of the work himself, there is little to no labor costs for an install. I can buy a turbo for my non-supercharged Grand Prix for around $1400 and installation would only be about another $1000 - 1600. This is for a V-6 engine, and includes an intercooler. If I rebuilt the entire engine, having a shop do all the work, and have the turbo kit installed, I would be paying about $6500. Parts can be more for an import, but still 4-5000 for a turbo doesn't sound unreasonable.

Corrected entry: During the first hijacking scene, the hijacker shoots a dart through the glass and into the seat. Some kind of wire or equipment comes out of the truck when he pulls out the window, and it is there in the next shot, but has vanished in the following shot. (00:01:40)


Correction: The first dart goes through the glass and expands. He uses it to pull the windshield out then shoots another one into the seat to use as a safety wire when he climbs into the truck. This is more evident in the scene where Vince gets caught up in his wire after being shot.


Corrected entry: When Dom drags Brian in the Charger, when he does the wheelie, if you pause it at the right moment you can see the wheelie bar coming out of the back.

Correction: I have looked at this part in slow motion and using frame by frame, I cannot see any bars coming out the back, or underneath of the car, all you see is smoke from the tires.


Corrected entry: The scene starts at 38:12 on the dvd when a tow truck backs in next to Toretto's shop and Brian presents Dom and the team with his new car the one that's all burned up. Notice there is a little black import inside the shop, and the tow truck is blocking the entry to the shop. The shot goes overhead looking down at the burned up car and it's all of a sudden inside the shop facing out and no tow truck, the next shot is from inside the car and you can see it's inside the shop, the next shot is from behind the burned up car facing out and you can see the little black import is outside. (00:38:10 - 00:39:35)

Correction: They moved the black car outside to put the Supra (the burned up car) in the garage. Some time could have passed between the shot of the Supra on the truck and the Supra in the garage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian and Toretto pull in at Little Saigon with Tran's gang, you see Tran take off his helmet, his cousin Lance and everybody else. As Lance gets off his bike and holster his weapon, you see a female biker standing next to him, but as Lance gets his weapon and points it at Brian, she disappears. She appears and re-appears from shot to shot. (00:27:34)

Correction: The girl was far away enough from Lance that she wasn't seen in the shot. No mistake there.


Corrected entry: In the shot when Dom arrives at the first street race, you see him open his door to get out. The volume level of his car stereo increases, and after he closes the door it decreases. In fact, the driver's window is down the whole time as you can see Dom's fingers curl through the window frame to close the door. The volume level should have remained constant.

Correction: Not necessarily true. Many cars have speakers built into the driver's and passenger side door and when open will sound louder than closed as the bulk of the sound is no longer being directed to the inside of the car.


Corrected entry: In the DVD edition, Rob Cohen tells the viewer that the racers don't have rear view mirrors in their cars, because they don't have time to look at them; but in the first race Brian pulls out laptops, presses buttons, reads graphs, all of which are on the passenger seat! (00:17:30)

Correction: The laptops, buttons and graphs are used by Brian to see how the car is performing, it gives him an idea of when to use nitro and other boosts. Since he has all these to keep an eye on while driving as fast as possible he doesn't have time to look in a rear mirror. Same for the other drivers.

Corrected entry: In the first race, with Dom, Brian, Ja Rule, and the Asian guy, the Asian guy was an actual champion street racer.

Correction: The Asian guy is not an actual champion street racer. His name is RJ De Vera and he is a developer of RO_JA wheels for race cars.


Correction: Not a champion Street Racer. He worked on cars and had his own custom shop. He also now works for Meguiars HQ. Attends car shows in his SLS AMG.

Corrected entry: Nitrous oxide is not activated like a turbo boost on a video game. You switch it on before the start of a race and it is activated at a specific throttle position. Drag racing isn't a chess game where you have to trick the other driver as the last second to win.

Correction: The button on the steering wheel is used to activate the nitrous system's second stage. Brian does in fact receive a notice that stage one is complete.

This doesn't address the mistake. The mistake in the film is that the drivers use nitrous like a turbo boost in a video game, where it is used at just the right moment. The film implies that knowing when to use nitrous is a skill that is learned through experience. Tran and Toretto both demonstrate this. Tran even says "Too soon, Junior." when he's racing Jesse, implying that if Jesse had more experience he would have known not to use his nitrous early. This is hilariously false, as nitrous oxide is used for the entirety of a drag race to boost the engine's overall power. The point of a drag race is to get to the finish line first, there is no way you would "hold back" your engine power and use the boost at the last second to overtake your opponent. If you had been using the boost for the entire time you would get to the finish line faster. The film implies this is done because nitrous is dangerous and if you use too much your engine will be destroyed, which is also ridiculous.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jesse is looking at Brian Spilner's engine, he says "I see a cool-air intake, it's got a NOS fogger system, the T4 turbo, Dominic. I see a AIC controller, it has direct port nitrous injection..." You would not have this on any NOS or N2o setup. It would be either/or.

Correction: The submission isn't clear as to what the either/or is, but I will assume that it is having a NOS fogger with direct port nitrous. Brian had two stages of nitrous which were activated by the two buttons on his steering wheel. One could be a fogger and the other a direct port system.

Corrected entry: After Brian checks on Tran who dies from falling off the bike, he looks up the hill to see Dom's Charger. Dom drives off and you see that only the passenger side wheel spins, indicating that the car doesn't have a limited-slip-differential. Later when Brian drags Dom on the approach to the trainline, both of the Charger's wheels spin which would need a limited-slip-differential otherwise, only the wheel with the least grip would spin. (01:34:53)

Correction: Dom's Charger could be equipped with a locker differential that is activated from the driver's seat. These are used to improve performance during drag races but can be turned off for normal driving.

Corrected entry: When Brian is in the street race, with Dom, Ja Rule, and that Asian kid. He blows off his floor panel. How does stressing an engine blow off the floor panel? And furthermore, after stage one blows his engine, the engine should seize and the car should stop dead. (00:19:55)

Correction: If you listen at the end of the race Dom says he just fried piston rings and not blown the engine.

Corrected entry: When we first see Brian's Ford truck, the grill has no Ford emblem on it, but later when we see the truck hauling all the parts to rebuild the car he gave to Turetto, the Ford emblem is on the grill.

Correction: The Ford emblem is always on the grill in every scene of the movie.

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Continuity mistake: When Jesse is going to race Johnny Tran at Race Wars for pink slips and Johnny Tran pulls up in his Honda S2000 Tran has on a black, short sleeved shirt. When the camera goes from side to front view, Tran has on a black tank top. (01:12:41)

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Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your ass handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

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Trivia: When the "pizza boy" is stopped by the drag racing, the driver is Rob Cohen, the film's director. (00:15:48)

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