The Fast and the Furious

Corrected entry: When Dom hits the 18 wheeler in the black car at the end of the movie the front end is not messed up at all.

Correction: That's because the truck hits the side of Dom's car, not the front.


Corrected entry: When Tran is talking to the guy in his shop about the empty engine bays, the empty engine bays belong to a Civic and an Integra, yet Tran makes a comment about some Nissan SR20 motors for the engine bays. Interesting motor swap.

Correction: Interesting... but not impossible. Especially when you have the kind of money that Tran has. Notice when Brian warns Jesse not to race Tran he says, "Don't do it Jesse. I bet you he's got over 100 grand underneath the hood of that car."


Corrected entry: When Bryan and Dom pull up next to the black Ferrari F355 Cabriolet in their newly restored, orange Toyota Supra, and begin to race, it is obvious that Bryan had to pull into oncoming traffic so he would not crash into the slow moving car in front of him. What you don't see is that the Ferrari has to pull onto the shoulder, which is a few inches below the road, which would make it very hard for him to get back on the road...

Correction: Actually, it's not. The shoulder is pretty much even with the road. But even if it were a few inches below the road, he could still get back on. Yes, it would be a bit more difficult, but he could do it.


Corrected entry: In The First race with the 4 cars you see all 4 guys shift into first gear. If you look each hand is a white person's hand that shifts the gear. Out of all the 4 guys there are 2 white guys, a Chinese guy, and a black guy.

Correction: Each hand is not a white guy's hand. The first hand is white, belonging to Toretto. The second hand having little or no hair, is oriental. The third hand is Ja Rule's hand, it's not dark black, but it's definitely black. And the fourth belongs to Paul Walker, with the rubber band around the wrist.


Corrected entry: When Jesse is throwin' down the pinkslip for the Jetta Leon drives the car to the starting point and Tran's Honda is right by the Jetta. But when Brian asks, "Who are you racin'?" the black Honda pulls up a second time.

Correction: When Leon pulls Jesse's car up to the line with Tran, he pulls up farther than Tran does by maybe 1 or 2 feet. When Brian asks Jesse, "Who are you racin'" Tran pulls up even with Jesse's car so their windows are lined up with each other.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film it becomes apparent that Dom has badly injured his arm, so much so that he can't move it. However as he is pulling away in the Supra he manages to execute a perfect "e-brake" turn that would require two working hands.


Correction: Yes, Dom's arm is badly injured at the end, but he's just making a sharp U-turn that makes the tires squeal a little. It's not an e-brake turn. If you look closely when Dom drives off, you can see him turning with his uninjured right arm. The same arm one would use to pull on the e-brake. Thus, he could not have been using the e-brake.


Corrected entry: in the final hijack, in the civic driven by Toretto, the front H logo disappears from shot to shot.

Correction: No, it doesn't. It can't disappear because it's never there to begin with. There is an occasional silver glimmer on the front of the car where the H logo would be, but it's just the reflection of the sun. If you look closely, the silver glimmer moves up and down the front of the car, where as if it were an H logo, it would stay in the same place.


Corrected entry: When Brian saves Dom from the cops after the street race and they are driving, the Eclipse shifts gears while Brian's right hand is on the steering wheel the whole time.

Correction: Actually, no. Every time the Eclipse shifts gears, Brian's left hand is on the wheel. His right hand is never on the wheel when he is shifting.


Corrected entry: In the scene in which Johny Tran and his folks on bikes order Brian and Dom to stop, Brian stops with his back to the road they came from. When Tran rides away, we see that the green mitsubishi eclipse is with its front to the road they came from.

Correction: When Tran rides away, the green eclipse still has its back to the road they came in from. Tran and his gang do not go out the same way they came in.


Corrected entry: Just before the 4 car race, when all the cars are driving from the warehouses to the start there is a shot from above and far away of the stream of cars, you can see the helicopter providing the lighting on the right of the screen, and if it was meant to be a police helicopter the race never would have gone ahead.

Correction: It's not a helicopter, it's just a light on top of a building.


Corrected entry: When the gang is putting together the orange car there is a shot of someone putting on the decal that looks like an arm pointing down the side of the car, except the car has not been painted yet. The car is still silver metal and after this shot is another when the car is actually shown to be bright orange.

Correction: The only time we see someone putting the pointing arm decal on the Supra is right before Dom and Letty make out in the garage. The car has already been painted orange, and the decal was the last thing to go on the car before it is finished.


Corrected entry: In the final chase with the two bikes and the supra. Just before the 1st guy on the bike crashes going down hill, he is holding a firearm. A second later the firearm is gone and both hands have a firm grip on the handle bars as he crashes down the hill.

Correction: They have tactical slings on their weapons. This allows them to drop the weapons when they need both hands and pick the weapon up again quickly when they don't. The weapon is probably behind his back.

Corrected entry: The black civics used to rob the trucks were made from 1992-1995. The parts that Hector orders are for his three civics from the 96-2000 generation of civics (as seen when Brian sneaks into Hector's garage later on). The parts he ordered could not be used on the Black Civics, and anyone who works in an import store would know this. Brian had no reason to suspect Hector based on the parts he ordered.

Correction: The police knew only (from the truck drivers') that the hijackers drove three black Honda Civics with neon kits. Neither the truck drivers' or the police knew the year of the Civics, so neither could Brian.

Corrected entry: Near the start when Brian arrives at the first street race and meets Dom, he is driving a green car. Yet when the black guy lifts the bonnet, the car is black. When the camera cuts back to the car, it's green again.

Correction: The car is green throughout the whole movie - it appears to be black in that scene because it has a black carbon fibre hood which is popular among import street racing.

Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone is about to eat and Jesse say the blessing he thanks God for "titanium valve springs". Well, if you know about cars, you know there is no such thing as "titanium valve springs". There's titanium valves but no valve springs.

Correction: The knowledge of this site's visitors never ceases to amaze me. There are in fact titanium valve springs - check out the proof. Guess the original contributor didn't know as much as he thought...

Corrected entry: When Dom is telling Bryan the story about his father losing control coming out of the "final turn"...did anyone but me wonder which dragstrip had any turns in it. Cool movie, but drag racing means 1320 feet (or possibly 660 feet) - straight ahead boys.

Correction: in Dom's speech, he says that his dad was stock car racing, which is on a circular track.

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Continuity mistake: When Jesse is going to race Johnny Tran at Race Wars for pink slips and Johnny Tran pulls up in his Honda S2000 Tran has on a black, short sleeved shirt. When the camera goes from side to front view, Tran has on a black tank top. (01:12:41)

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Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your ass handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

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Trivia: When the "pizza boy" is stopped by the drag racing, the driver is Rob Cohen, the film's director. (00:15:48)

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