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Corrected entry: On Lisa's Team America business card (when she's giving it to Gary), the L and the I of Lisa are closer together than the other letters, making LISA look like USA.

James Ollier

Correction: An observation plain to anyone who sees the scene is not trivia.


Corrected entry: Title in film reads 'CAIRO. MIDDLE EAST'. Cairo is in Africa, not the Middle East.


Correction: Im any geographical, cultural or political context Egypt (and by extension Cairo) is considered part of the Middle East, not Africa. So is Libya, which is even further west.

Corrected entry: In the shot after the sharks pulls out Hans Blix's head, the hand of an puppeteer is visible on the upper right corner of the screen, beside Kim Jong Il. Wires are deliberately visible in the film, but pupeteers are not. (00:38:14)

Dr Wilson

Correction: That wasn't a hand of a puppeteer it was one of the sharks, the scene was being shot from inside the tank.

Corrected entry: In the Cairo scene the coca cola sign is a bottle cap.

Correction: 1. That's not trivia and 2. Observations are not trivia.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Kim Jong II is revealed to be a robot with an alien cockroach inside. This does not make any sense because no sparks come out when he is impaled on the German guy's hat.

Correction: Sparks are not an automatic or always the consistent reaction to metal impaling a robot. Depending on where the metal breached the robot and what wires and circuitry were there would determine whether or not it would spark. Additionally, the type of metal that the hat was made of would also bear into the equation. The absence of a spark is not a plot hole or a mistake at all.


Corrected entry: During Gary's motorbike scene (where the "Pearl Harbour" insulting song is played), there is a shot where the camera pans towards him and you can see that it knocks the marionette over.

Correction: That was put in there intentionally for a laugh.

Corrected entry: If you look closely at INTELLIGENCE throughout the film there is no border between Egypt and Sudan.

Correction: It states that the outside world is depicted in a manner that Americans would view it. Meaning depiction of other countries would be slightly skewed.

Corrected entry: Where did Sarah, Joe and Chris get their machine guns from after Gary freed them from the Korean prison? And where did Joe get the grenade he used against George Clooney and Liv Tyler? If Gary was carrying these weapons himself they would have been seen.

Correction: Easy. Gary, who was disguised as a Korean guard, 'acted' his way into the weapons store, having done which Team America took out the guards and made off with the necessary firepower. This part was not shown because it should be fairly obvious to the audience given the watertight logic and rigid adherence to reality in this film.

Corrected entry: During the film, Gary's thumb switches from having no thumbnail, to actually having one. (00:16:50 - 00:18:50)

Correction: This is part of the 'valmorphonization' which Gary keeps undergoing.

Corrected entry: One of the countries represented at the peace conference is Zaire. Zaire has been known as The Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1997.

Correction: There are many "mistakes" such as this dotted around the film. They are intentional, beyond even "deliberate mistake" level, as the whole film is a satire on how America sees the rest of the world. Another little thing to watch out for is Tony Blair is the head of "England" in the film, not the United Kingdom.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In many shots of moving cars, particularly in the limo scene, you can see the small track connecting the car to the road (very much like a 'Scaletrix' track).

Correction: You can also see the wires controlling the puppets. That's entirely intentional, and thus not a goof.

Corrected entry: In the scene of Team America chasing Gary and the Terrorists through Cairo, when Gary says 'Hey guys, I think we should pull over', you can see in the background that the Team America Jeep has flashing police-style lights, but in every previous and subsequent scene there are no lights - possibly they turned the lights on for that one shot, but highly unlikely.

Correction: You can actually see the lights flashing a)before the shooting begins b)just after the first dead man lands on the windscreen c)just after Chris says "we'll kill these guys, then we'll find out what she wants" and also d)after the dialogue stated in the original 'mistake' you can see the lights flashing from the overhead camera angle.

Corrected entry: When Kim Jong Il's sharks attack Hans Blix, his head comes off. When Blix's skeleton is shown later floating in the tank, his body is intact.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The skeleton is only visible from the shoulders down.

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