Team America: World Police

Trivia: The "Montage" song is actually from an episode of South Park (Parker and Stone's TV show) called "Asspen," where Stan learns how to ski in a similar montage style.


Trivia: Originally in early drafts of the script, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. was called F.O.N.Z.Y.

Trivia: The scene where Gary strolls into the bar is virtually the exact same layout as the canteen in Star Wars. The same music is playing, several members of the band are playing the same instruments and people are even "drinking" from those bong-like tubes.

Trivia: Stay till the end of the credits for an extra song: "You are worthress, Arec Bardwin".

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Trivia: Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" is the only non-original song in the film. Trey Parker wrote all of the other songs. (Battle Without Honour or Humanity, from Kill Bill, is just music, rather than a song).


Trivia: Spottswoode asks Gary if he's ever seen "a guy eat his own head". A reference to the SOUTH PARK episode "Super Best Friends" (created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone), where David Blaine performs such a feat.

Trivia: In the Paris scene, at one point in the background a cafe called "Cafe Merde" can be seen. "Merde" is French for sh**.

Trivia: In the scene where the Panama Canal gets blown up, all the foliage in the background is made to look like marijuana.

Trivia: Harry-Gregson Williams was hired three weeks before the film's release to compose a new score for the movie. Paramount Pictures fired the original composer Marc Shaiman because his score didn't have a Jerry Bruckheimer feel to it.

Trivia: At the marketplace in Cairo, there is a character with a basket on his head. If you look closely you can see that the basket is filled with Goldfish crackers.

Trivia: The statue in Kim Jong Il's palace is a real person.

Trivia: The surrounding palm trees at the F.A.G. building, and the back round trees in Cairo are actually made of cut up one dollar bills. Also, in Kim Jong Il's mansion, hanging on the lights and chandeliers there are rocket bombs and grenades. The belt buckles of the Team are U.S. quarters and Gary has a set of nail clippers on his left leg. The surrounding poor suburbs of North Korea are made of Chinese food boxes. In Cairo, the lanterns in the tavern are made from cheese graters, vegetable steamers, and incense burners. The walkways in the Paris scene are made out of cast crescents as well as having all the recognizable monuments of Paris residing in one single plaza.

Trivia: During the song "Ronery," when Kim Jong il is on the balcony, the metal statue (of Kim Il-sung) in the foreground can be seen blinking and slightly swaying, revealing that it is actually a man in very heavy makeup. It is very possible that this may be the only live human in the entire film. (00:45:30)


Trivia: When Gary shoots his way into Kim Jong Il's palace, he shoots a guard on a balcony on his right causing him to fall. When he does, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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