Team America: World Police

Visible crew/equipment: In the "I'm So Ronery" song, the camera pans past some photos of celebrities. Look in the Marilyn Monroe photo and you can see crewmember's feet (could be a puppeteer?).

Visible crew/equipment: In the Paris opening, lighting reflections are visible in the windows, and on the roofs and bonnets of the cars.

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Kim Jong Il finishes his "Ronery" song, the camera pans out to reveal him standing on the balcony of his palace. In the first of these 3 shots, if you look on the wall to the left as the camera pans out, you can see a brief shadow of the camera moving backwards.

Visible crew/equipment: When Carson shows the engagement ring, you see Carson's arm doesn't move when a real hand pops up.


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