Visible crew/equipment: After the detectives find Wolverton's shed load of porno, it cuts to Detective Mike Breer speaking on the phone in the kitchen. As he walks around the counter, a red boom mic is visible, following him. (01:23:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Vanessa enters the Hi-Way Café, as the glass door closes behind her, the reflection of a boom operator holding up a long boom pole is perfectly visible (00:48:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the camera first pans across the blackboard with the sentence "The cat drinks milk" on it, there is a perfect shadow of a boom mic cast above the sentence. (00:02:50)

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Visible crew/equipment: The red microphone is visible, hanging over Vanessa's head and bobbing into view when she says to Rhonda (when they are sitting on the jail beds) "They put you in there for that." It's visible again after Rhonda says that she loves girls, in the shot when Vanessa replies "You can keep 'em." Then when Mesquita comes over to start trouble with Vanessa and says "Bitch. I'm f*cking talkin' to you, man" to her, it's visible, hanging over her head and bobbing into view once again. It's very visible many times throughout the movie. Again, near the beginning of the movie, in the shot when the female police officer says to Vanessa "Social services are on their way," and Vanessa replies "Oh that's just great."

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