Corrected entry: For all the protesting Vanessa's attorney does about her being tried as an adult, he never once mentions the fact that upon her arrest she was not informed of her legal rights or why she was being taken into custody. She was later questioned by two detectives without legal representation and no official record of the conversation was kept, yet they proceeded with the prosecution. Under those circumstances any lawyer worth his salt would make mince meat of a confession from an illiterate, violent tempered victim of ongoing abuse from such a background as Vanessa's.

Correction: Let's start with it's a Hollywood myth that you have to be Mirandized upon arrest. You must be advised of your rights before being questioned by the police. Then, a 15 year old doesn't automatically get legal or even parental supervision during an interrogation. The age varies state by state on whether a parent must be present. She has to ask for the attorney. 3rd, not every police interrogation is recorded. Illinois just recently passed a law that states that the questioning of a murder suspect must be video taped.


Corrected entry: Vanessa makes a point of saying that she doesn't know exactly where in Stockton her grandmother lives, saying "...but once I get up to that Stockton place, I'm sure I'll find her." And sure enough, both she and Bob manage to find this Grandma's house without any kind of address in a town of several hundred thousand people. They must be psychic.

Correction: Bob has the address - in the scene in the diner we see him looking at the address on the back of a photo. Obviously Vanessa obtained it somehow, wrote it on the back of the photo (and remembered it) and then Bob got the photo from her.

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Vanessa: Ho-ly shit! Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can't believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you're just a big old shitbag aren't you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing, motherfucker!



Vanessa is illiterate, but easily reads the Hi-Way Café menu.



The film is loosely based upon "Little Red Riding Hood."