Other mistake: Vanessa is illiterate, but easily reads the Hi-Way Café menu. (00:48:35)

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Revealing mistake: At the end of the film Vanessa gets crazy because Bob kills her grandma, and she starts beating him up in the caravan, hitting him and throwing various stuff at him. Throughout the scene, Reese Witherspoon's' stunt double is really obvious. Her hair looks completely different!!!

Continuity mistake: When Vanessa hits Bob with a plant, Bob's pink hairnet is off. It's back on in the next shot. (01:31:55)

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Trivia: The film is loosely based upon "Little Red Riding Hood."

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Trivia: When Vanessa is telling Bob about her biological father, the picture she hands him is of mass murderer Richard Speck.

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Vanessa: Ho-ly shit! Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can't believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you're just a big old shitbag aren't you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing, motherfucker!

[To Rhonda's sexual advances.]
Vanessa: All right, I'll make out with you. But no fucking, 'cause I'm straight.

Vanessa: What, you're gonna do sex to me when I'm dead?

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Question: Why does Bob Wolverton have a psychology manual in his car when he's a children's psychiatrist?

Chosen answer: Even experts in a given field occasionally like to consult a text on the subject.

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Question: Where does Vanessa's family live? It must be pretty far south if Bob Wolverton is going up to Los Angeles.

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Chosen answer: Stockton.

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Answer: Not stated, but a bit confusing. Vanessa's car breaks down in Sylmar (just north of Los Angeles), but Bob says he's only heading to LA (indicating somewhere South of LA). This is lead to being more like a mistake but leaving as an answer.

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