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Corrected entry: When Stan and the pitcher trick the runner on 1st to get him out, this would not be allowed. A pitcher can't step on the rubber and make a pitching movement unless he actually has the ball.

Correction: The pitcher never steps on the mound.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, they state that Stan was elected to the Hall of Fame on the "next ballot". This could not be true since Major League Baseball players only become eligible to be voted into the HOF after waiting 5 years from the last game as a player. (The only exception ever granted to this was Roberto Clemente, whose time requirement was waived after he was killed in a plane crash).


Correction: The Board of Directors of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. reserves the right to revoke, alter or amend the [rules of election] at any time. The hall of fame could have viewed Stan's case as a special case since he was already in 4 elections, and make an exemption for him.Also Roberto Clemente was not the only exception. Roberto was the only exception that ever got inducted but Thurman Munson was eligible to be voted on in only a year and half's time after his last game.

Corrected entry: When they play against the Astros and Stan hits a home run, you can tell that they have natural grass. But in the Astrodome, where the Astros play, they use synthetic grass.

Correction: The "current" Astros depicted in the movie would have played in Minute Maid Park, which has natural turf.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the Brewers players are wearing the current style uniforms that they use today. But at the time Stan Ross retired, seven years earlier, they should have been wearing the style from the '94-'99 seasons.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: The jerseys are correct. If you look when he is playing in the beginning, the jersey is the 94-99 style. Look at the way "Brewers" is written, at first it is plain block style with the old MB logo on the helmet. When he goes back to play in the current, Brewers is written in a cursive style and the hat/helmet has only the M. It is correct.

Corrected entry: In order to show Mr. 3000 how fast a baseball pitch goes, Mr. 3000's teammate drops a bottle and says that the bottle took "four-tenths of a second" to fall. In 0.4 seconds, a bottle will fall only 0.76 meters, or about 2 feet 7 inches. He definitely dropped the bottle from much higher than 2 feet 7 inches.

Correction: The fan was obviously drunk, and didn't seem to be a genius. He was simply using the falling bottle as an example to prove to Ross that he's no longer as fast as he used to be.

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