Mr. 3000

Factual error: The stadium in the opening scene was not around in 1995. The first game played in that stadium was 2001.

Other mistake: The timing for the Hall of Fame vote is all wrong. The vote and the announcement for the Hall of Fame happen in December and January, not during the middle of the season.

Factual error: The pitcher that Stan Ross gets his alleged 3000th hit against in the beginning is wearing a Rawlings Pro Preferred glove. That didn't exist at the time.

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Trivia: There are only 500 balls placed on the wall in Stan's, enclosed in a glass case behind the bar. The crew kept on moving the panels depending on the shot needed.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Question: A baseball writer discovers Stan Ross never actually had 3000 hits because in one game in 1982 he had three hits counted twice. He says the game was called for a curfew and finished later. Does anyone know of any major league baseball game called for curfew, or any other time limit?

Chosen answer: On May 12, 1972, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Minnesota Twins played 21 innings to a 3-3 tie before the 1 AM curfew. Play resumed the next day before the regularly scheduled game. Milwaukee scored in the top of the 22nd to win 4-3. In the regular game that followed, Minnesota won 4-3 in 15 innings.


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