Mr. 3000

Factual error: The stadium in the opening scene was not around in 1995. The first game played in that stadium was 2001.

Other mistake: The timing for the Hall of Fame vote is all wrong. The vote and the announcement for the Hall of Fame happen in December and January, not during the middle of the season.

Factual error: The pitcher that Stan Ross gets his alleged 3000th hit against in the beginning is wearing a Rawlings Pro Preferred glove. That didn't exist at the time.

Factual error: The stadium the Chicago Cubs play in is obviously not Wrigley Field.

Factual error: In the film, the numbers on the front of the Houston Astros home jerseys are black with a red border when in fact in real life they are completely red.

Factual error: There are several shots showing ESPN's "Rundown" show. The clock normally above the list of topics is missing in every one of these shots.

Continuity mistake: The day the Brewers retire Stan's number, we see him standing at the bottom of the stairs in the dugout. Then as they call him out, he is not longer standing at the bottom of the stairs, but comes from the left and walks up them.


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