Without a Paddle

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Revealing mistake: At the fight scene in the cave, you can see the gun clip has no bullets in it.

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Revealing mistake: Briefly, while Seth Green was being pulled from the river, you can see that the rope behind him is taut, nearly perpendicular to the current. He was pulling himself across a rope that was anchored on both sides.


Revealing mistake: After Billy's funeral when the guys are in their old tree house and they're opening up the box with their valuables in it they ask for the combination, but you can clearly see that the lock is not shut/latched, there is no reason to open it.


Revealing mistake: When they are in the river you can see their shirts are life jackets, then back to normal shirts when they are safe.

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Revealing mistake: After the guys head back on the road after first meeting the sheriff, the footage used of the vehicle driving down the road is the same footage used after the guys put the mix tape in the stereo; even though they weren't driving past the same spot a second time.

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[A big grizzly bear has just appeared from the forest and is standing right in front of Tom, Dan and Jerry.]
Dan: What are you doing?
Jerry: I'm taking off my shoes.
Dan: Why?
Jerry: Because I run faster with no shoes.
Dan: You can't outrun that bear.
Jerry: I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.



While in the pot field, just as the growers are about to shoot them with the laser sights, you can see a crewmember crawling by in the background.