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Visible crew/equipment: While in the pot field, just as the growers are about to shoot them with the laser sights, you can see a crewmember crawling by in the background. (00:44:50)

Continuity mistake: We see Tom standing in the river catching fish, yet when they start running from the bear, the water is gone.

Revealing mistake: At the fight scene in the cave, you can see the gun clip has no bullets in it.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Tom, Jerry, and Dan are about to be shot by the two hillbillies and the cop, there is a brief scene that shows all three guns being loaded from a side view. The gun closest to the camera is a handgun. When the camera zooms out, all three men have rifles. There is no handgun to be seen. (01:27:40)

Continuity mistake: In the pot shack scene Dax Shepard is holding the package of pot to his side, you see him slowly move it behind his back to hide it from the two hillbillies. In the next scene, after they flash back from the hillbillies, it's back at his side and he's once again slowly moving it to his back. Shepard, and the other cast, admit this is a mistake in the commentary. (00:42:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tom, Jerry and Dan go into the tree house after the funeral, it is dark and they have flashlights. Then a second later it is light outside. (00:10:45)

Other mistake: After the funeral, the guys visit the clubhouse. They open the box for DB Cooper's treasure. The blood they used to sign their blood oath is too red to have been 20 year old blood. It should have darkened to deep, deep purple or brown by now. (00:12:40)


Factual error: The hairy girls claim they are in a giant Redwood named Earthchild. The only Redwood trees in Oregon are in the far South West corner very near the coast and mostly over the border of California. D. B. Cooper was supposed to have landed North of Portland. (00:57:40)

Sol Parker

Other mistake: As 2 of the trio are in the store just before meeting the cop, one is on his cell phone. In one of the frontal shots of him talking, you can see the other two approach from behind then suddenly back up quickly. As said on the commentary, they didn't get a cue to go, and then realized they were wrong and backed up. (00:19:05)

Visible crew/equipment: When the 3 guys are in the pot field, Dan dodges the bullet, you can see the camera's shadow pass across him.

Continuity mistake: When the trio fall down the shaft, a small wooden beam falls on Tom's leg, but when the shot changes the beam is next to his leg.

Revealing mistake: Briefly, while Seth Green was being pulled from the river, you can see that the rope behind him is taut, nearly perpendicular to the current. He was pulling himself across a rope that was anchored on both sides. (00:36:40)

Continuity mistake: Right after the 3 guys fall off the waterfall, Tom lays on the ground. You can see that his pants have a lot of dirt on them. But in the next scene Tom is getting up to make his point to Dan, and there is no dirt on his pants.

Visible crew/equipment: In the shot of the three guys urinating, look at their backs. The one on the far left has a visible battery pack, which "looks like a lunch box" as said on the commentary. (00:22:45)

Continuity mistake: After the canoe overturns and one of the trio gets on and surfs on it, watch his blue shirt as it is wet, to dry, to wet, throughout the rest of the river run. (00:36:25)

Continuity mistake: After the two hillbillies return to their burned-out field of pot, you can see them stepping on lots of burned tree branches thicker and longer than anything that could have come from one of the plants. What are tree branches doing in a clearing? (00:47:20)

Plot hole: The Hillbillies take a "short cut" to catch up with the guys after they are taken in by Burt Reynolds. However, the guys get a chance to sleep comfortably until morning before being confronted by them. (01:12:10)

Continuity mistake: When Tom, Dan and Jerry go over the waterfall, the canoe breaks apart into three pieces upon hitting the bottom; the next scene, when they are on land, the canoe is in a multitude of pieces. (00:37:20)


Continuity mistake: When Jerry is using the radio, the cord has a little bit of cloth near the mic end. Then when Jerry gives the mic to Flower, to give the location, the whole cord is covered in cloth. (00:57:25)

Factual error: During their first night's camping, they encounter a bear..a Kodiak bear. Unfortunately, the only bears found in Oregon's Cascade Mountains are black bears.

[Dan has tripped and fallen after running away from a bear. The bear towers above him.]
Tom: Stay calm. Get in the foetal position.
Dan: Oh God.
Tom: It won't bother you if your in the foetal position. [Dan crawls up into the foetal position.] Nothing's gonna happen now.
Dan: Is he gone? Is he gone?
Tom: Abort the foetal position! It's not working!

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Question: At the start of the film, when Tom is with that girl, whats so important about Toni showing up? Is she the girls room mate or something?

Answer: Toni is the other girl's girlfriend.


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