Carry On Cowboy
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Sam: I never did get to know exactly what she'd done that was so wrong.
Judge Burke: Old Ben was a friend of mine Sam, and she killed him.
Doc: It was his own fault. He was ninety-two. I warned him not to marry her.

Johnny Finger: I once talked peace with a Sioux, but you can't trust them. One moment it was peace on, the next it was peace off.

Commissioner: Send him a Marshall. Anything for peace.
Perkins: That's just the trouble, sir. We haven't any available.
Commissioner: Nobody? What about that big head who's always hanging around here looking for work? What's his name? Dillon. What's he doing?
Perkins: Six months.

Big Heap: This is my squaw, Kitikata. I bought her for two buffalo skins.
Charlie: How.
Johnny Finger: Never mind how, where.

Perkins: It's another telegram from Stodge City, sir. Judge Burke. He's the mayor there, you know.
Commissioner: Burke? Oh yeah, I remember him in law school. He's a bum.
Perkins: I didn't know you studied at law school, sir.
Commissioner: I didn't. I was the janitor.

Continuity mistake: When Belle Armitage first shoots her pistol at Johnny Finger, she drops it down the front of her dress. Seconds later, it reappears up between her ample bosom.

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