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Corrected entry: In the final shoot out scene in the church at the end of the movie, Travolta shoots at Cage with a semi-automatic hand gun. However, the shots fired were from a fully automatic firearm.

Correction: The weapon used is a Glock 18 machine pistol, which features a fire-selector with both semi-auto and full-auto trigger groups.

Corrected entry: Nicholas Cage's eyes are green originally, and John Travolta's are blue. After the operation/conversion of the two characters, the eyes did not change, and they should have. After the operation, Nicholas Cage's eyes should be blue and John Travolta's green. The eyes should have been switched, and it is clear that they aren't wearing any lenses, because of course if they had been wearing lenses then Castor-as-Archer would have removed them. There is also no sign of any "eye color changing" during the operation.

Correction: In order for the whole scheme to work they would have to switch eye colors. Otherwise Castor's attempt to impersonate Archer would have been blown open quickly. Just because we didn't get to see them change the eye color doesn't mean that they didn't do it. If they can lift Castor's face off and give it to Archer, I think it's safe to assume they could fix such a minor problem as eye color too. And Dr. Walsh does explicitly say when showing Archer the technology that his and Castor's eye colors are similar, which is the reason why Miller believes Archer is the only person qualified to impersonate Castor easily.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Archer is receiving Troy's face, we see the laser cutting the outlines of his face. There seems to be nothing done to disconnect the nerves and skin from his eyelids, nose, and so forth, however the mask lifts the face cleanly away from his head.

Correction: You don't see the whole procedure, as it would take many, many hours and have to go very slow and precise, there just isn't enough time to show the procedure.

Corrected entry: Troy is being kept alive by life support machines. In the operating theatre the machines are gone so shouldn't he be dead? And if he recovered enough to not be on the machines why did they go ahead with their plan?

Correction: The doctors assured the agents that Troy was "a turnip" and that he would not wake up ever again. Obviously, the doctors were wrong. The feds, however, would have to rely on what the doctors said, especially since they were in such a difficult situation.


Corrected entry: It makes no sense that Archer's wife takes a risky blood sample from Troy, when it would have been easier to simply take some from the real Archer, who enters the house bleeding.

Correction: It makes perfect sense. She's only got Archer's word on what Troy's bloodtype is, so taking a sample from him is hardly likely to convince her - he may have the same bloodtype as her husband, but so do millions of other people. However, she knows what Archer's bloodtype is, so, if she takes a sample from the man claiming to be her husband and it's not correct, then that's conclusive evidence that he's not who he says he is.

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Corrected entry: The secret supermax high security prison, the bad guys brother is allowed to leave why? just on the say so of an FBI agent. For a facility like this to remain secret, a prisoner would have to remain for life. NO-ONE would or could EVER be released for any reason, its very existence was as much a secret as its location. In effect they would be dead to the outside world.

Correction: He didn't just "say so." Caster (as Archer) cut Pollux Troy a deal. In trade for his release, Pollux was going to tell the location of the bomb, so Caster could become the hero (as Archer). I think that giving the location of a bomb that will destroy L.A. is more important than a prison.

Corrected entry: When Castor is in John Travolta's body, he goes "home" and makes a romantic dinner for his wife - the camera pans across the table, laden with a lot of things (spaghetti and meatballs, two lobsters). The wife is thrilled. Later on, when Nicolas Cage (John Travolta) is in a scene with the wife at the hospital, trying to convince her that he is her husband inside, he tells a touching story about their first date and how he took her out for surf and turf and didn't know she was a vegetarian, and she only ate bread, and she broke her tooth. Blah, blah, blah - it was very touching. Wouldn't the wife have noticed something was wrong if her "husband" made her a meal featuring lobsters and meatballs?

Correction: They're artichokes, not meatballs, and many vegetarians eat seafood.

Corrected entry: At one point the hero (John Travolta at that time) learns that the bomb will go off on the 18th. We then learn that he's got 6 days to pry the information from Pollux Troy. We then flash to the bomb, and it shows 216+ hours. Unless we've gone to 36-hour days, something's wrong.

Correction: The agent says that John Travolta has 6 days to get the information, so they can take him out of that prison and learn the location of the bomb from him. The Extra few days will probably be used for evecuating the entire area, and trying to defuse the bomb. They just want to have all the time they can possibly get, so they give him 6 days to get the info.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the shoot 'em up scene at the hangar near the beginning of the film, right after Tito and Wanda take down Pollux, when Troy shoots an agent in the stomach and the agent flies back - you can see at least two cable wires pulling him backwards. (00:14:15)

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Castor Troy: You'll be seeing a lot of changes around here. Papa's got a brand new bag.

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Trivia: John Woo fought to keep the slash in the title, so moviegoers wouldn't think it was a film about hockey.

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