Napoleon Dynamite

Trivia: Director Jared Hess and actor John Heder were college roommates at BYU. Heder didn't consider himself an actor, but he could relate to the character of Napoleon, so he agreed to be in Hess' short film "Peluca" and the rest is history. (Source: BYU Magazine).

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Trivia: Jon Gries (Uncle Rico) actually nailed John Heder in the face with the steak throw. The impact gave Heder two black eyes that are visible in multiple scenes in the film. (Source: Slashfilm).

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Trivia: Due to the low budget, most of the wardrobe was found at thrift stores. Napoleon's moon boots were 20 years old and borrowed from Jerusha Hess' uncle, and his glasses were a thrift store find and the prescription made John Heder's vision very uncomfortable. (Source: UTV).

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Trivia: There is an extra "two months later" scene at the very end after the credits.


Trivia: After Uncle Rico throws the steak at Napoleon when he's riding his bike, Rico sits back down on the porch and you can see him discreetly spit something into his hand and put it down. According to the DVD commentary, this was the bite of steak he was eating, because Jon Gries, who played Uncle Rico, didn't eat red meat. Between shots he spat out all the many bites of steak his character had to eat.


Trivia: The name "Napoleon Dynamite" is a pseudonym used by singer Elvis Costello for his 1986 album, "Blood and Chocolate." Although there is a resemblance, it is coincidence because it was unknown until it was already in production.

Trivia: All of the students in Napoleon's school are credited at the end of the movie. Over 150 names.

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Trivia: During the filming of the LaFawnDuh/Kip wedding scene the horse that Jon Heder (Napoleon) was riding galloped past the spot that it was supposed to stop on and went dangerously close to the camera crew. Jon franticly started giving the "stop" signal to the horse, who stopped so abruptly Jon was catapulted over the front of the horse and onto the grass in front of it. This fact is confirmed on the DVD featurette "The Perfect Wedding".

Trivia: Co-writer/director Jared Hess and his wife, co-writer Jerusha, are Mormon, which explains why there is no profanity in the script.

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Trivia: Because Napoleon Dynamite was such a giant hit among young people, especially college students, the actors were asked to make appearances at different college graduations. At one, Jon Heder, who portrayed Napoleon was asked by a student to throw a steak at his face. He agreed, hit him square on, and then autographed the steak.

Trivia: When Napoleon is in the locker room for P.E., he's sitting between the characters Randy (played by Bracken Johnson) and Lance (played by Brian Peterson). Randy's shirt says "Bracken" and Lance's shirt says "Peterson". They're not using the characters' names.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon is asking Pedro if he is going to eat his tater tots the position of the tots keep changing between shots.

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Deb: What are you drawing?
Napoleon Dynamite: A liger.
Deb: What's a liger?
Napoleon Dynamite: It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... Bred for its skills in magic.

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Question: Why does Napoleon, who appears to be a junior or senior in high school, ride the bus with a bunch of little kids?

Answer: Because it is such a small town that the school system can not afford buses for grade level so they have to share them, plus it has comedic value as well.


Small town schools are usually K-12. The other older "cooler" students drive to school or get ride with their friends.

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