Continuity mistake: When Alan, Vermont and TinTin are hanging upside down looking into the control room, TinTin's crystal is hanging around her neck, in the next shot it disappears then reappears in the 3rd shot.


Continuity mistake: When Lady Penelope and Parker are fighting the bad guys in the Tracy island living room, it gets completely trashed, smashing glass, throwing sofas etc. Later, when they take off in Thunderbird 2, there is a shot of them flying past the house and the living room looks normal again. Surely the Hood wouldn't bother to tidy up after the fight?

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the three children, after the "intruder alert" call with brains, note the girl's top as it is on and off her shoulder during shots. (00:24:10)

keith summers

Continuity mistake: When Alan and Fermat land Thunderbird 1 in London, there is a tour boat by the London Eye, next shot it's gone as they approach the park.

Factual error: As the Hood approaches central London in Thunderbird 2, they fly through Tower Bridge and over HMS Belfast, approaching from the East. However the onboard display in Thunderbird 1 shows TB2 approaching from the West, somewhere over Hammersmith.

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Lady Penelope: Oh, and England won the footbal last night.

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Trivia: Director Jonathan Frakes has a cameo role as a policeman at the end of the movie.

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Question: Is any of the back story concerning the hood and Tintin's father from the tv series itself and does Tintin ever develop telepathic abilities in the tv series as in the movie?

Answer: The backstory in the TV series is that Kyrano (Tintin's father) and the Hood are half brothers, giving the Hood the ability to control Kyrano by hyponosis, by staring at a statue of him in his jungle palace. And no, in the TV series Tintin never develops telepathic abilities.

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