Lady Penelope figures out a way to release everybody who has been captured by The Hood and escape from the fridge they are locked in on Tracy Island. They manage to save Thunderbird 5, where Alan's family is trapped. Alan, Tintin, Fermat, and Lady Penelope travel to London to stop The Hood, Mullion, and Transom from robbing the Bank of London. Alan, Tintin, and Fermat go and save the monorail in London, which fell into the water because of The Hood, while Lady Penelope goes to the Bank of London to stop The Hood. Jeff, Alan, Tintin, and Fermat get there, and Alan manages to stop The Hood with help from Tintin. The Hood goes to jail and Alan, Tintin, and Fermat are now a part of International Rescue and the Thunderbirds.


Continuity mistake: When Alan, Vermont and TinTin are hanging upside down looking into the control room, TinTin's crystal is hanging around her neck, in the next shot it disappears then reappears in the 3rd shot.

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Alan Tracy: Hey, Dad. That stuff the Hood said, about you leaving him to die. He was lying, right?
Jeff Tracy: No. See, you can't save everyone, Alan. It doesn't matter how hard you try or how brave you are. It doesn't even matter if it's someone you love, someone you'd give your life in a second to save. You just can't save everyone.
Alan Tracy: What was Mom like?
Jeff Tracy: She was a lot like you.

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Trivia: When Alan and Fermat are in Thunderbird One a puppet hand is lowered onto the controls in place of Fermat's.

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Answer: I did hear that Patrick Stewart was on the short list of actors to play the role, but he was in demand of both stage and film. He may have been doing X2 at the time.

keith summers

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