Question: In the scene where Max shoots Vincent in the building, where does Vince get hit? Blood came out which I would assume would be the throat, but that would have killed him, or is this just a mistake?

Answer: I believe the shot hit him in the right cheek as that is where most of the blood is. I think it more grazed the cheek, as Vincent can't really talk when he is first shot but on the train can talk a bit more easily.

Lummie Premium member

If you look at Vincent's ear after Max shoots him in the office building you will see there's a large chunk of his ear missing. It is more noticeable in the final shootout on the train where the lighting is much brighter. Maybe blood loss from that?

Question: Why did Vincent even bother with getting a cab? It seems like just renting a car would have made more sense.

Answer: Renting a car requires ID, a credit card, and a whole lot of other documentation that can be traced. Plus he'd be seen by many people and likely security cameras. Even if he faked all the paperwork, it's still far less risk to only be seen by a single cabbie.

Question: Daniel mentioned "You know the folks in Cartagena and..." somewhere else? I have located Cartagena in the northern region of Colombia, SA What was the second location Daniel referenced? It sounded like "cuta cahn".


Chosen answer: Culiacán, in northwestern Mexico.

Sierra1 Premium member

Chosen answer: The driver only carries $5 at any time, or something like that.

Question: What is the name of the song that is played in the cab when Max is driving Annie? She tells him to turn it up.


Chosen answer: Hands of Time by Groove Armada.

Answer: I'm pretty sure this wasn't the original song they planned to use. Annie says she loves the classics and this song was only written about a year before the film was made. My guess is they had another song in mind and couldn't get the rights to it. Great song though.

Question: About how long would Annie's cab ride in the beginning of the movie have taken in real time?

Answer: From LAX to Downtown, about 40 minutes to an hour. Depending on the traffic getting out of the airport and heading to downtown.

Jane Doe

Living in LA all my life, I can tell you the drive can be made in 20 minutes, without speeding. This is of course given light traffic conditions, which seems to be the case in the movie. Heavy traffic will add time of course, I'd say 45-50 mins at the most. (A quick Google Maps search just put the drive at 22 mins).


Question: When Max met Flexi, Flexi tells his guys "if he messes up kill him". Apparently the last target wasn't killed and Flexi's guy recognized Max as Vincent, then why didn't his guys kill him?

Answer: Vincent killed Felix's guys during the club shooting scene. One of them even had his red dot sight on Max before Vincent gunned him down.


Question: Does anyone know the names of the music videos that were playing on the TV screens in the Korean nightclub during the nightclub shootout scene?

Answer: One is Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film when we see Max pull up to the first hit location and Vincent is talking to him in the back; watch closely and in one shot we see that Vincent has his hands below (probably on his knees), but in the following shot we can see his left arm is now up and grabbing onto the glass that separates the driver from the passenger inside a taxi. (00:16:25)


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Vincent: Max, I do this for a living.

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Trivia: The film was almost entirely shot in high definition. Director Michael Mann states he did this to capture the night scenes more vividly.

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Suggested correction: The number of movies shot in less-than-HD could be counted on one hand.

I believe it refers to the fact that Collateral is considered to be the first major movie to use a digital camera, not the traditional film support.

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