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Corrected entry: When the body falls onto the cab, there is the sound of shattered glass, presumably from the from passenger window. In fact, during the rest of the scene, you can hear Max and Vincent walking on broken glass. But in the rest of the movie, all of the windows in the cab are intact. The windshield is just cracked, not shattered, so the glass could not have come from it.

Correction: The shattered glass doesn't come from the cab, it comes from the window the informant falls from.

Corrected entry: While Max is tied to the steering wheel of the cab, three guys come up and steal Vincent's briefcase. When Vincent comes out and shoots them, there are only 2 guys.

Correction: Originally there are four men. The first two who get to the car reach a point where they can see that Max is tied up - their faces immediately change and they move off-camera quickly. They presumably decide that they want no part of whatever's going on and hurry on their way. The third and fourth men stay - one pulls the gun and converses with Max for a time, then they steal the briefcase before being killed by Vincent. The time taken for the conversation is more than enough for the first two men to have left the area.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Vincent and Max go to visit Max's mum at the hospital, Vincent buys Max's mum a basket of flowers from a stand/shop in the hospital. But it should be shut, given that it is very late at night and hospital shops like that are shut by at least late afternoon/early evening.

Correction: Depends entirely on the hospital, whether they are employed by the hospital, or a private contractor, and even the population of the city. The local hospital here closes entirely except for the emergency room by 9 PM, but in a larger city I lived in, they had a gift shop and cafeteria open from 6 AM to 12 midnight, 5 days a week, and from 8 AM to 9 PM on weekends.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the film when Max deliberately flips the cab, it turns over several times before coming to a stop on its roof. But in the shots immediately after, you can see the wheels of the upturned cab are motionless. Surely after such a violent, high-speed crash they would still be spinning for some time after this?

Correction: This isn't a bike. Those tires are connected to a lot of heavy parts. Some of which are almost certainly bent and immobile after a crash like that. It'd more likely be a mistake if the tires *were* spinning.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The information Vincent gets for his hits seems always accurate and logical, the first two victims are killed in their homes and the other two at nightclubs. But how would anyone be sure Annie would stay in her office or in the building so late? Odds stand either way, she could have stayed there very late, or she could have left earlier.

Correction: Annie told Max that it's her routine to pull an all-nighter before a big case. That would be part of Vincent's very detailed briefing.


Corrected entry: When Vincent shoots the two guys who stole his bag, he also retrieves Max's wallet. How should Vincent have known that they also robbed Max off his wallet?

Correction: Well for one, it can be pretty safely assumed that if two thugs who have a gun have just robbed a cabbie (who's tied to his wheel) of a laptop, they'd take his wallet as well. Secondly, who said Vincent already knew? He was just checking to make sure, and he found it.

Gary O'Reilly

Correction: The train that they board is the exact same train that is currently in use. It is the Metro Blue Line train that goes to Long Beach. The newer trains are used in the subway, which is the Metro Red Line.

Jane Doe

But when they are running through the station, they go down to the lower platform for the Red Line, but they are on the Long Beach train that leaves from the upper platform, which is also the starting point for this train, so there wouldn't be any passengers already on it.

Corrected entry: When Vincent uses his computer to identify the Asian man as his next victim, the info on that guy fills up the whole screen. When Max sees the screen later, it is split so that both the Asian guy and Annie fit on the screen at the same time.

Correction: Vincent probably just resized the document and opened Annies files in another window. You can do the same thing by opening 2 word documents and resizing them.

Corrected entry: After Vincent cuts the power, Max and the DA use the elevator to go down. The elevator should not have been able to run.

Correction: It never specifies that he cuts power to the entire building, just that one floor. Also, in some buildings, elevators run off of emergency generators if main power is disrupted.

Corrected entry: Vincent cuts the power to the building, thus alerting Jada Pinkett Smith. He did not know she was being warned on the phone and lost all his element of surprise. He could have just sneaked up on her without having to kill the electricity.

Correction: So what? Then that was a questionable choice made by Vincent, not an error in the movie.

Correction: She also wouldn't necessarily think the blackout was a grave danger caused by an attacker, just an inconvenience from the building, she might stay put 'til the lights come back, not wanting to trip on things, That might be Vincent's plan.


Corrected entry: Why is it that Max, Annie, and then Vincent enter a Los Angeles subway and there is almost no one in it? Even though it is nighttime, Los Angeles has the second busiest subway in the United States.

Correction: I'm from LA, and have ridden the subway late at night, and it's sometimes eerily empty. It's also almost empty mid-afternoon during non-rush hour.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When dispatch calls Max he says, "Shit," with a physical reaction. The following shot shows him with the same reaction and mouthing the word "shit," but with no sound this time. (00:29:30)


Correction: That's not a mistake. People sometimes mouth a word without saying it out loud.

Brian C Friesner

Corrected entry: When Annie is crawling along the floor of her office hiding from Vincent she has removed her shoes. When she leaves the building with Max after he shoots Vincent her high heeled shoes can be seen as well as heard.

Correction: She didn't remove her shoes, use zoom on the DVD version and it is clearly noticeable.

Corrected entry: When Annie gets in Max's cab, there is bright sunlight. The scenes quickly change to dark night. Surely their trip wasn't that far. There was no transition from daylight to total night.

Kathleen Albers

Correction: Its not bright day-light, it was close to sunset. The journey was long enough to have that transition and not every part of the journey was shown.


Corrected entry: Vincent shoots the trumpet player three times in the head. There would have been a massive exit wound in the back of his head. But when he slumps down on the table, the back of his head is dry and not affected.

Correction: Actually, many real hitmen use low velocity (22 caliber) guns specifically because the bullet won't exit from the back of the head, causing much more damage to the brain, and almost certain death.

Corrected entry: When Max picks up the prosecutor outside her building, it's daylight. As the scene shifts to them talking inside the cab, it's dark outside.

Correction: He doesn't pick her up outside her building, he picks her up from the airport. It was sunset when she was picked up, that is why it became dark.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When the police officer relays the taxi's licence plate over the radio, he uses the phonetic "queen" to relay the letter Q. As a trained police officer, he should know that the phonetic "Quebec" should be used for that letter.

Correction: Last year, I was stopped by a police officer who struggled with the phonetic alphabet while calling in my licence plate (something she must have done several times a day). Trained professionals forget things, or get confused, just like the rest of us.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Jamie Foxx calls the DA's office, she is in the library not her office but yet the phone in the library rings.

Correction: Most office's telephone system are linked together, and can be picked-up at any telephone.

Corrected entry: When Max is tied to the steering wheel, he starts hitting the horn with his head and yelling out the window. When you see the cab from behind, the flashers are on. With his hands tied the way they were, there was no way he could've turned the flashers on.

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

Correction: There's a chance Max turned the flashers on since he made a stop and was waiting in an alley. They may have already been on just before Max was tied up.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Vincent cuts off power to the 16th floor, and Annie's call to the 911 operator is disconnected. However, most phones (especially those in government offices) will continue to function without electricity if an active connection has already been made.

Correction: That explains why it's not a mistake - even if "most" phones continue to function without electricity, this one does not.


Audio problem: Just as the two criminals who robbed Max are walking away, Vincent asks them if that is his briefcase. The guy with the long hair replies, "Yeah it is. Why you want it back?" but his mouth doesn't match what he is saying. It appears he is saying something closer to, "Put up your f**king hands." (00:35:15)

Lummie Premium member

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Vincent: Max, I do this for a living.

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Trivia: The film was almost entirely shot in high definition. Director Michael Mann states he did this to capture the night scenes more vividly.

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Suggested correction: The number of movies shot in less-than-HD could be counted on one hand.

I believe it refers to the fact that Collateral is considered to be the first major movie to use a digital camera, not the traditional film support.

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Answer: The coyote may be a metaphor for Vincent's life. A lone predator lost in a world that doesn't understand him.

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