Executive Decision

Plot hole: After Jaffa is captured the news gives a full report of Jaffa being held captive on an American warship in the Mediterranean. Why would the media know who was captured, who captured him, and where he was being held? This was a covert operation to capture the worlds most wanted man, the media shouldn't know any of this.

Plot hole: Not counting Altar or the Sleeper we know there at least 8 other terrorists on the plane. One of them is killed by Altar himself and five of them are killed by the strike team. What happened to the other 2 terrorists?

Plot hole: When Grant lunges at Damou, Louie tells Rat that Grant has him. How can Louie see what is going on when the probe he is looking into was pointed at the seat they thought the sleeper was sitting in? Also if he can move the probe to look around the cabin then why bother with the time wasting idea of using Jean to point out the seat number?

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Suggested correction: To answer the first part of your question, it is made clear in the movie that the cameras can be rotated. They are using very small probe cameras that the operator can simply rotate by hand. However, some of the cameras have obstructed views, depending on where they were trying to look. The camera that Rat was on could not see the sleeper's face, because the overhead baggage compartment was in the way. Louie's camera was overhead just a few seats behind the guy who was mistaken for Demou, but still several rows ahead of where Demou actually was. When Grant made his move for Demou, Louie simply rotated the camera and was able to see. To address your second point, they had many cameras throughout the plane. However, they did not have a clear view of all 400 passengers faces. Not to mention, they were running short on time. Furthermore, Grant told Jean that she should be looking for someone with an electronic device, which is something that the team would likely not be able to see from the probe cameras. Jean would be able to see an electronic device a lot easier as she made her way through the cabin, which she did. (it turned out to be the wrong device, but that's beside the point).


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Cahill: The Pentagon is gonna shoot us down.



The crew sent to board the ill fated jumbo jet is in the "Remora", which is clearly a modified F-117A Stealth Fighter, but retaining the same dimensions. It would be physcially impossible to fit that many people and such a spacious cargo hold into a plane that size with the engines. In fact, with the additional weight, the engines would have to be even bigger for it to operate.



Oceanic Airlines seems to be an airline name often used in action movies and TV series involving ill-fated airplanes. Lost and Turbulence (which reused external shots from this film) both feature Oceanic planes that meet some kind of disaster.