The Terminal

Plot hole: The Russian with the goat medicine is transferring flights from Toronto. The likelihood that he would be doing that rather than flying into Russia directly from Canada is pretty slim. However, assuming he did, there are two major errors with this scenario. First, U.S. customs is cleared in Pearson Airport in Toronto so he would not be dealing with Dixon at all in New York. Secondly, it's unlikely he would be dealing with customs at all, as it would place all transferring passengers in a holding area and send them on their plane with no opportunity to go anywhere except onto the other planes. While the U.S. reserves the right to interrogate anyone entering the U.S., the fact is it would transfer him out as quickly as possible. (01:07:15)

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Suggested correction: When the movie was made, there were no direct flights to Russia from Canada. Even today, most flights change planes in either Frankfurt, London, Helsinki, etc. There are cheaper flights originating or connecting in the US, so it is very likely he that he would travel to New York to get a direct flight to Moscow. When I travel to Russia, it is cheaper for me to get a flight to Seattle, and fly directly to Moscow, than to fly out of Canada and transfer planes in Europe. Since 911, ALL passengers travelling through the US must clear customs in the US even if only transferring flights. All passengers must deplane, and all luggage is removed from the plane, checked, and loaded again. If the Russian has goat medicine in his luggage, the FDA would definitely be interested in why he has it, and what for.

This is incorrect. You only have to clear customs on a US layover if your final destination is in the US. If your point of origin and the destination are outside the US and you just have a layover in the US you just need to go through the regular transit formalities not customs.

No, you are incorrect. I've done it many times. Post 9/11, if you use the US as transit point between two countries you need to clear immigration and customs. Moreover, you need a visa (or visa waiver).

Continuity mistake: When everybody in the airport is saying goodbye to Viktor before he steps into New York, one shot shows Dolores and Enrique with their arms around each other. But in the next shot, Dolores is walking towards Enrique and then they put their arms around each other. (01:55:00)

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Frank Dixon: You could have any man you wanted... why Viktor Navorski?
Amelia: That's something a guy like you could never understand.

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Trivia: The girl with the suitcase that Viktor tries to help is Steven Spielberg's daughter Sasha.

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