The Chronicles of Riddick

Visible crew/equipment: When Riddick's team reaches the crematoria hangar with the Necros already there, there are two "lensers". As the camera pans to the first lenser full frontal it turns its head, and in the glass of its face plate you see the banks of studio lighting and camera crew. But when the scene cuts to what it is looking at, you see rocks. The effect also occurs when the second "lenser" turns its head , but the visible equipment is less.


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Soldier: Take the Lord Marshalls offer and bow.
Riddick: I bow to no man.



At the Crematoria mountain, Kira gets stuck in a small hole after the sunrise. She tries to climb again, but the rocks are so hot, she can't even touch them. She crouches and talks to Riddick for a while. Then, while standing up again, she touches the rock wall, but doesn't appear to experience any discomfort from the supposedly baking hot surface.



In the opening scenes of the movie there are several massive statues representing necromongers. These statues are also in the film Batman. They are right in front of the building when the goons announce that they will be running Jack Palance's company.