The Chronicles of Riddick
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Soldier: Take the Lord Marshalls offer and bow.
Riddick: I bow to no man.

Toombs: [Arriving at Crematoria] If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out, and live in Hell.

David George

Continuity mistake: When Riddick meets up with Jack/Kyra in Crematoria, she comes up behind Riddick and asks him if she should go for his sweet spot, Riddick grabs her wrist with his left hand and swings her into the bars. When she hits the bars he is holding her wrist with his right arm. Then a few seconds later you see his left arm again holding her wrist. With Riddick's left arm holding Kyra's wrist, his forearm is forcing her head to the side. This is made more obvious as Riddick then takes his right hand, grabs the bars and lifts Jack/Kyra up so she is now straddling his right arm. (00:51:05)

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Trivia: In the opening scenes of the movie there are several massive statues representing necromongers. These statues are also in the film Batman. They are right in front of the building when the goons announce that they will be running Jack Palance's company.

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Question: Why was that one guy walking around with a knife in his back? Were some of the other Necromongers that way too?

Answer: In the novelization they say that Irgun received the wound but because the knife was so near the spine it would require major surgery to remove it. He opted to leave it in.

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