The Chronicles of Riddick

Riddick escape Crematoria where he was imprisoned.He go back to Helion prime. At this time the Lord Marshal is attempting to destroy the population.He see that Kyra is now converted to the sect. Riddick begin a fight with the Lord Marshal. Riddick kill the Lord.Kyra is killed during the fight.Riddick become the new leader of the sect for killing the Lord Marshal and save the population.


Continuity mistake: The character Imam has a large animal tooth on a necklace. Later than 5 minutes and less than 25 minutes into the movie Riddick and Imam are having an argument where in different shots of the same scene two different necklaces switch back and forth. The first, which is a significant plot point later on, is longer and plainer then the embellished, more curved second one.

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Toombs: [Arriving at Crematoria] If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out, and live in Hell.

David George

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Trivia: In the opening scenes of the movie there are several massive statues representing necromongers. These statues are also in the film Batman. They are right in front of the building when the goons announce that they will be running Jack Palance's company.

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Question: Did that animal in Crematoria's prison (during the "feeding") have his eyes change (start glowing) after his contact with Riddick? I thought maybe I had missed something, but it looked like he/it had eyes like Riddick's after.

Michael Westpy

Chosen answer: The animals appear to be somewhere between a minor-class mimic of their surroundings and emotionally-triggered chameleons. As a sympathetic gesture towards Riddicks' dominant nature, it may have been altered purposely, or it was the animals' native eye color, when unstressed.

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