Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Corrected entry: When Billy slits Mill's throat, the blood is flowing wrong. There should be an actual fountain of blood bursting out when one's throat gets slit - not just a few drops. Also, the structure of Mill's blood is too thin - it resembles colored water. (01:05:50)

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: Actually, when one's throat is slit, the skin and muscle of the neck close around the wound rather well.

Corrected entry: If anybody has seen Starship Troopers 1, they would know that the person who plays the sarge in number two, was the captain of the ship that Denise Richards was on in number one. She died by getting crushed by a door, so how is she the Sarge in number 2 if this movie takes place after the first movie? Can't happen.

Correction: Brenda Strong plays Captain Deladier in the first movie and Sgt. Dede Rake in the sequel, I.e. two completely different characters in two movies that basically only share name and theme. Since there is no reuse of characters from the first movie this isn't a mistake.


Corrected entry: At one point, the General salutes the Lieutenant - no officer would salute a subordinate in the military. Similarly, at another point, the Lieutenant salutes the Captain, and the Private beside them salutes the Lieutenant (and actually shifts her stance to stand beside the Captain, to face the Lieutenant). A salute would always go to the higher-ranking officer. As well, throughout the movie, there are several instances of salutes which are awkward, incomplete, informal and not realistic for any military organization.


Correction: This takes place far in the future and with alien bugs. It's very safe to assume that this military has gone through some changes, and cannot be expected to conform to any of our current militaries.


Corrected entry: When Sandee activates the fuses of 2 grenades she is holding, they explode less than a second later. No army would produce something like that. (01:17:00)

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: There are several types of explosive devices used by military forces which are dual-purpose. They can either be used as a grenade (which has a time delay for safe throwing)or a "command detonation" feature which causes it to go off when activated. The "command detonation" feature is intended for use with a trip-wire or by a soldier hiding nearby to acitvate with a detonator. As in the movie you could choose to use the "command detonation" while holding the device if your intention is to blow yourself up.

Corrected entry: The military ranks used for officers in Starship Troopers 2 do not match those used in the first movie. Proof of this can be seen by comparing the two Generals. The General in the first movie uses a device that looks like a bird for his insignia, whereas the General in Starship Troopers 2 uses a single star, much like a modern-day general.

Correction: The Sky Marshal has a bird for his insignia not the general at the outpost.

Continuity mistake: After the sergeant has a parasite bug forced into her, she grabs a syringe kit left on the table by the medic. When she flips it open, there are 7 (maybe 8 at most) syringes in the kit (the last one is broken). A few moments later, private Sandee follows a trail of syringes left on the ground to the sergeant. There are at least 7 syringes on the ground, and 3 others in the sergeant's thigh.

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Recruiting Sergeant: Beautiful baby, Ma'am.
Pvt. Lei Sahara: Thank you, Sergeant.
Recruiting Sergeant: Trooper likes me, huh?.. Hurry up spud, we need fresh meat for the grinder.

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