Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation
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Recruiting Sergeant: Beautiful baby, Ma'am.
Pvt. Lei Sahara: Thank you, Sergeant.
Recruiting Sergeant: Trooper likes me, huh?.. Hurry up spud, we need fresh meat for the grinder.

Pvt. Lei Sahara: There're too many of them, Dax.
Captain Dax: You've gotta tell 'em what you saw, Sahara. You gotta tell 'em about the new bug.
Pvt. Lei Sahara: You stay here, you'll die.
Captain Dax: Murderers don't go home.

Gen. J. G. Shepherd: Poor creatures. Why must we destroy you? I'll tell you why. Order, is the tide of creation, but yours is a species, that worships the one over the many. You glorify your intelligence, because it allows you to believe anything. That you have a destiny. That you have a right. That you have a cause. That you are special. That you are great. But in truth, you are born insane. And such misery, cannot be allowed to spread.

Continuity mistake: After the sergeant has a parasite bug forced into her, she grabs a syringe kit left on the table by the medic. When she flips it open, there are 7 (maybe 8 at most) syringes in the kit (the last one is broken). A few moments later, private Sandee follows a trail of syringes left on the ground to the sergeant. There are at least 7 syringes on the ground, and 3 others in the sergeant's thigh.

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