Erin Brockovich

Factual error: In the 2nd scene of the movie she is standing on the street, and in the background at the top left there is a billboard with an ad for The movie was set in the early 90's. But the web wasn't even around then (well... not like we know it now). That web site came out in 1998. (00:02:51)

Factual error: They are playing Harley Davidson Monopoly, but that wasn't released until 1997, this movie is set in the early '90s.


Factual error: When Erin is talking with Tom and Mandy Robinson at the law office, they show her some photos of chickens which they say were born with tumors and unable to walk. (Of course, chickens are not "born," but rather hatch from eggs, and the Robinsons would have known this, even if Erin did not.) But the birds in the photos are nearly full-grown. If they had hatched with the disabilities described, they would not have been able to eat and grow into the size birds pictured. (00:54:00)

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