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Continuity mistake: When Ed is taking his tie off after the meeting with the PG&E clerk, he loosens it, then they cut to Erin, then back to Ed, and his tie is back to tight around his neck, and he's taking something out of his breast pocket. Then they cut back, and his tie is off. (00:52:42)

Continuity mistake: After Ed spills his coffee over his shirt the stains on his shirt vanish without trace when he talks to Erin. (00:12:55)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Erin is asking Ed for a job, she says that she's been raising babies for 6 years. She told her boyfriend that her eldest was 8. So she should have said she's been raising babies for 8 years instead of 6. (00:13:35)

Continuity mistake: The camera shows a shot of Erin's hands signing some papers with her right hand. Julia Roberts is left-handed and is so throughout the movie. (00:34:28)

Continuity mistake: When Erin comes to the chicken-fat lady the second time, she knocks at the door. When the camera angle changes she is at least a meter away from the door, although the background noises suggest continuity. (00:20:35)


Continuity mistake: The Jaguar crashes into Erin's car at a speed, let's say 40 mph. Later Erin's car has two new doors on the right. But the Jag didn't crash into the middle of the car, but more to the back. And I didn't see any windows break during the crash. Would a car like this only need a couple of new doors? Some big cars are write-offs after a sidecrash at 20mph, so the car would surely have more damage.

Continuity mistake: When Erin gets some information from a former PG&E employee whose job at Hinckley was to destroy evidence on the test well readings etc. they are sitting at a table nibbling peanuts. In close-up the areas around their hands are covered with shells, but when the camera changes to a wider angle all shells are gone. (01:53:05)


Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning when Erin comes home from her court case (the car accident), she opens the door to put her stuff down, when she exits the house she leaves the door open, there is a different camera angle as she walks out and the door is closed (this happens as she goes to get her kids from the next door neighbour's house). (00:07:40)

Continuity mistake: When Erin and Ed are talking to the PG&E representative, Ed puts the paper in front of the PG&E guy. It is about in the middle of the table. It is there for most of the shots, but then the angle changes, and changes back again, and the paper is all the way over on the PG&E guy's side, practically falling off the edge. (00:49:45)

Continuity mistake: Erin gets some information from a toxicologist. When she asks him about the dangers of chromium VI they are walking down a hallway, but when he answers her question they are outside the building. Maybe an intended continuity break, but a very wrong-looking one. (00:30:45)


Continuity mistake: When Erin enters the back office of the water board she has her bag under her arm and nothing in her hands. When the camera angle changes to the supervisor's perspective as she says "It's impressive." she holds her sunglasses with both hands. (00:33:35)


Continuity mistake: When George is eating burgers with Erin's kids in his back yard, there is a white bowl on the picnic table that alternates between being in the center and being on the end. (00:22:20)

Audio problem: In the scene where Erin is climbing down into the well at the plant, and then climbs out and runs away from the workers, she runs to her car, gets in and starts it. The sound of her starting the car is that of her cranking it over once, then trying again. The second time she cranks it over, her hand isn't on the key, its going down to the shifter.

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Matthew Brockovich: This girl's about my age. Is she one of the people you're helping?
Erin Brockovich: Yeah, she's really sick so I'm going to get her some medicine to feel better.
Matthew Brockovich: Why doesn't her own mom get her medicine?
Erin Brockovich: Because her mom's really sick too.
Matthew Brockovich: Oh.

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Question: I don't know all the ins and outs of the law, but when Erin is in a car accident, she is going straight through a green light. The other guy rams into her as he tries to cross the intersection (it's not like he just cut her off making a right turn) so obviously he had a red light and not even an arguable right of way. I know money can buy you justice, but how is this not an open and shut case?


Chosen answer: I have to admit that is a bit frustrating to watch. I think that?s how the producers wanted us to feel. Making us think, "Man this chick never gets a break". It was just an unrealistic way to set up the character's life.


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