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Corrected entry: At the end when the delivery guy gives Julia Roberts her bonus check, the envelope is open. I forgot how much the check was for but anytime someone delivers any check amount the envelope is definitely not supposed to be open. (01:33:11)


Correction: The check is open when Erin receives it at the end. That is because Ed Masry opens it and views it before. He also is the one to hand it to her.

Corrected entry: Before Erin gets her $2m cheque she takes an address from someone on the phone. We hear the pen scratching over the paper, but when the camera angle changes she has no pen in her hand. (01:58:35)


Correction: There is actually no pen scratching. Erin is not writing the information down; she's memorizing it just like she did all along. Remember when Kurt Potter's assistant Theresa tells Erin that she doesn't have phone numbers/addresses for some of her plaintiffs? Erin rattles them off from memory.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the car hits Julia Roberts, some extras start running away from the accident before the car even comes speeding by. (00:03:37)

Correction: I've watched the scene 3 times, everything looks normal. There are 3 people running across the street but once they get across they walk normally again. After the crash, they react to it accordingly.

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Corrected entry: The former PG&E employee tells her that he had shredded memos on bad test well readings with entry stamps from the PG&E headquarters. Memos with such entry stamps would have been at the headquarters, not at the subsidiary at Hinckley.


Correction: I think a better way of understanding this would be that he had shredded memos from headquaters about the bad test well readings and that the memos had entry stamps. When memos came from headquaters, the local office would have put an entry stamp on them.

Corrected entry: The scene where Erin Brockovich and Ed Mazry are in the court room where the judge makes the decision that their case can continue: after the judge makes his decision, Erin Brockovich and Ed Mazry start picking up their papers. Next to Ed Mazry's papers are a pair of glasses; Ed Mazry is wearing his glasses, Erin Brockovich doesn't wear glasses, and there was no one else sitting at that table...

Correction: There are people who need two pairs of glasses, one for distances and one for reading.

Corrected entry: In Erin's son's bedroom he has a poster for the movie Jurrasic Park, but Jurrasic Park had not even come out from when the movie Erin Brockovich was set.

Correction: Loads of people seem to think that the movie's set in the mid-80's, which just isn't the case. The events of the film took place in the early 90's (check out, and so a Jurassic Park poster isn't at all out of place.

Continuity mistake: When Ed is taking his tie off after the meeting with the PG&E clerk, he loosens it, then they cut to Erin, then back to Ed, and his tie is back to tight around his neck, and he's taking something out of his breast pocket. Then they cut back, and his tie is off. (00:52:42)

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Kurt Potter: Wha... how did you do this?
Erin Brockovich: Well, um, seeing as how I have no brains or legal expertise, and Ed here was losing all faith in the system, am I right?
Ed Masry: Oh, yeah, completely. No faith, no faith.
Erin Brockovich: I just went out there and performed sexual favors. Six hundred and thirty-four blow jobs in five days... I'm really quite tired.

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Trivia: In the diner when you see the real Erin Brockovich (the waitress), you can also see the real Ed Masry. He is sitting directly behind Julia Roberts and her baby. Another side note, look at the real Erin Brockovich's name-badge, it says Julia. (00:10:05)

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