Continuity mistake: When Kruger is getting dizzy from the poisonous water he stumbles against a seat with both his hands down. When it cuts he suddenly has his right hand against the wall. (00:46:20)


Continuity mistake: When Donahue shoots himself in the head there is one shot where his eyes are closed. Then suddenly they are open. (00:19:40)


Tony Two Toes: We're from the local 129th, sonny.
Mikey: We heard you was loading a ship without the assistance of bonefide union labor. Say it ain't so.

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Trivia: The name of the company was going to be Cyrix, but it was changed to Cyrez because there is a real company called Cyrix. When Vanessa Williams copies the file, it is called CYXDEF1000. (CYX=Cyrix) (00:15:55)

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